Tasty6 Launches New Line Of Multi-Serving Bottles

When people hear about taking a holistic approach to wellness, they often think that this means rejecting the scientific approach of modern medicine. This was simply not the case, however, for Vincent Renner. As the founder of Tasty6, Vincent took a practical approach that combined the tasty and natural aspects of holistic healing with the academic and scientific rigor of western science. This led him to launch his successful 2 oz-bottle wellness juice shots that are antioxidant packed, adaptogen rich, and made with clean ingredients. Now, Vincent is working closely with Union Kitchen to launch a new line of multi-serving 16oz Tasty6 bottles.

Drawing inspiration from ayurvedic (a 5,000 year-old healing art from India), Vincent launched his first line of Tasty6 products in 2020. Vincent’s aim was to create a wellness shot that is tasty and satisfies the six major tastes in ayurvedic theory: sweet, sour, salty, astringent, bitter, and pungent. Tasty6 currently offers three products that are designed to improve overall wellness: Immune Support & Recovery, Rest & Relax, and Energy & Focus. Those looking to give Tasty6 a try can find them readily available in Whole Foods, Union Kitchen, Amazon, and on Vincent’s online store.

Vincent’s journey into plant-based wellness began over a decade ago with a personal tragedy, when his mother had to go through chemotherapy. As his mother went through treatment, Vincent noticed that many of the medicines prescribed to make her feel better weren’t working. During this time, Vincent met and spoke with other cancer patients and found that many were dealing with similar issues. Developing an interest in plant-based remedies, Vincent got to work researching how the scientifically-backed medicinal properties found in certain plants, such as the turmeric root, could improve a person’s overall health. Specifically, he was looking to use peer-reviewed research, in which qualified professionals verify each other’s work, to craft remedies that would ease the pain of those suffering the cancer treatment’s side effects. After much research and experimentation, he found that the right combination of medicinal juices would provide some much-needed relief to his friends going through chemotherapy.

Spurred on by this success, Vincent founded his own juice company in Washington DC in 2015. Just as he had done previously, Vincent was on a mission to help people develop better overall wellness. At the same time, Vincent insisted on excellence and made sure his wellness product was actually, as the name suggests, tasty.

“The reason we’re called Tasty6 is because every product we make is very tasty,” Vincent said in an interview with Union Kitchen. “You know you can’t just be functional. You also have to taste good”.

For five years, all seemed to go well for him. His business was successful, and his juice was winning awards, like “Best Juice Company” from Washingtonian. But then 2020 happened, and his juice-making facility shut down. Not one to sit around, Vincent immediately got to work on his next move, launching his health shots. Working closely with the Union Kitchen Accelerator Program, Tasty6 was able to get its shots into Whole Food stores and onto Amazon. Even a glass shortage didn’t hold him back for long.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, imports of glass were put on hold in the fall of 2020. This was unfortunate news for the many businesses, including Tasty6, that rely on glass containers. This problem wasn’t insurmountable for Vincent. Using the Union Kitchen facility, Vincent experimented with other types of packaging and developed his 16oz Tasty6 bottles. Unlike the single-use 2oz shots, these larger bottles, which allows consumers to buy the shots they already love, in bulk. As anyone who has shopped at Costco can tell you, this allows for more cost-efficient and convenient shopping.

Those looking to improve their wellness will be excited to hear that the new 16oz bottles are now available at Union Kitchen stores. You can also purchase the large bottles online. For more updates on Tasty6, make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, to read more incredible stories about local food entrepreneurs doing amazing things, check out Union Kitchen.

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