‘URBL’ by Pebble Roots Inc. Launches Plant-Based Beverage Line

Vancouver, Canada — The makers of plant-based functional botanical beverages are hoping to disrupt the functional shot category with the launch of their new line of powerful superfood decoctions.

Launched this spring in Canada and summer in US, URBL is a line of premium plant-based functional botanical shots created by the startup Pebble Roots Inc. The release of their new beverage line comes at a time when functional drinks and shots are exploding within the health and wellness community.

Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) and reinforced with evidence-based nutrition science, URBL shots are unique “superfood decoctions” created by extracting healing compounds from the stems, roots, bark, and other parts of botanical ingredients and formulating them into three unique products with different ingredients, different functionalities, and completely different flavor profiles – spicy, kombucha-ish, and tad-sweet.

The current line of products includes “URBL ROAR,” featuring ashwagandha, one of the most potent Ayurvedic adaptogens, to help consumers adapt to a variety of physical and psychological stressors; “URBL SHIELD,” a memory boosting and liver protecting shot with bacopa monnieri and milk thistle as the key botanicals; and “URBL GLOW,” a collagen booster made with amalaki and turmeric root, providing antioxidants and collagen-boosting benefits.

“Unlike sugar-rich, high-fructose fruit juice shots with excessive amounts of ginger and pepper added only to overemphasize effectiveness, URBL is a botanical nutraceutical packed with 24 varying superfoods to boost your physical as well as mental health – a comprehensive immune support,” said Suhas Verma, the founder and CEO of URBL.

URBL is the first and only functional beverage shot to be licensed by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product (NHP) with verifiable label claims. URBL products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP and NSF certified manufacturing facility, with every production batch run through more than 15 types of contamination and allergen tests to ensure the botanical shots are of the highest quality.

URBL is Non-GMO Project Verified (NGPV). “Providing clean, natural, and allergen-free ingredients that have not been genetically modified is one of our top priorities,” said Suhas Verma. URBL is gluten-free, naturally sweetened with honey and is free of caffeine, added-sugar, stevia, allergens, and anything artificial.

URBL’s 2-ounce shots are also shelf-stable without the use of any preservatives and can be easily stowed and consumed, making them perfect for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

“Whether you’re a fitness buff, yogi, adventurer, corporate jet setter, or a busy mom, you’re going to fall in love with your URBL boost,” Verma said. “Let URBL fuel your daily adventures.”

URBL is available nation-wide in Canada retail through UNFI Canada, and online in US & Canada through amazon.com and amazon.ca, respectively. URBL is also available through its e-commerce platform at urblicious.com. Follow the brand on social media at @urblicious.

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