Wellness Brand Zolt Launches Line Of Terpene Botanical Functional Drink Mixes And Expands Into Vegan Collagen

Short Hills, NJ — Zolt’s new terpene-botanical product line replicates the hemp plant’s benefits – like stress relief, improved cognition, and better sleep – but does so without hemp. In its place? Plant botanicals known as terpenes, as well as a slew of superplants and fungi.

Zolt’s initial line of terpene-based botanical products is designed around core functional areas to help users achieve their wellness and performance goals across the areas of sleep, focus, immunity, and balance. “Finding the highest quality, most efficacious ingredients was of tantamount importance; ingredient sourcing has been our top priority as a brand dedicated to helping our audience on their health journeys,” says Doug Siegel, Zolt’s co-founder and CEO. To replicate the benefits of its legacy hemp-based products, the new hemp-free, terpene-based botanical products are further bolstered with heavy-hitting adaptogens and antioxidants like tremella mushroom, astaxanthin, and AlphaSize, agave inulin, and lion’s mane.

“Looking beyond hemp to further tap into the potential of plants and fungi was key,” says Siegel. “We’d found a lot of success with mainstay adaptogens and antioxidants with our legacy formulations, but emerging research into plant terpenes and fungi helped us push our new products even further in terms of their functional benefits — that’s the future of mood-enhancing and experiential beverages. And that future is here.”

Zolt is the plant-powered superdrink brand behind the refreshingly delicious CBD and full-spectrum hemp drink mixes renowned for helping people hydrate smarter and perform better. As Zolt’s CMO and co-founder, Ani Collum, explained, “We’re seeing so much demand for the benefits of full-spectrum hemp and CBD products, and, at the same time, we know there are tons of people who feel overwhelmed by hemp products or who choose not to use them. Zolt’s terpene botanical hemp-free products solve that challenge: the benefits of hemp, but without the hemp.”

Vegans and those who eschew animal-derived products will likely appreciate the terpene botanical line’s +Collagen Boost products, which contain vegan collagen to give a serious health infusion to hair, skin, and nails, as well as joints. The new line of terpene-based botanical drink mix formulations include Dreamy +Collagen Boost, for bedtime;  Even +Collagen Boost, for everyday balance; Well +Collagen Boost, for immunity; Peak, for focus and energy; and a +Collagen Boost Variety Pack.

Launched just last year, Zolt found early success in the wellness and nutraceutical space thanks to its dedication to plant-based drink mix formulations that are portable and tailored to functional use-cases. The addition of the terpene formulations is timely, as a wealth of research into the benefits of these powerful, aromatic plant biomolecules is emerging, indicating the discovery of a new universe of potential uses including mood enhancement, cellular health, stress management, sleep support, cognition and focus, and pain and inflammation management. Siegel explains: “We know that terpenes and botanical properties are the future of the beverage industry. They hold huge potential for human health and wellness. Zolt’s committed to leading the charge in creating truly functional, truly high-performance beverages.”

SRP: $25 for 10-count box; $69 for 30-count box

LAUNCH DATE: June 26, 2021

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