Sazerac Partners with Arcus Gruppen for U.S. Imports

NEW ORLEANS, LA. (Dec. 22, 2016) – The Sazerac Company entered into a new partnership with Arcus Gruppen in early 2016 to act as the sole importer for Linie Aquavit, Aalborg Taffel and Aalborg Jubilaeums in the United States. Each of these brands are now available for purchase in the United States, and if not seen on store shelves, retailers can order them directly from their state wholesaler.

“We are thrilled to partner with Arcus Gruppen,” Sazerac’s Marketing Manager for Linie and Aalborg, Megan Hurtuk, said. “We look forward to growing these brands within the U.S. marketplace.”

Founded in the town of Aalborg in 1846, Aalborg Akvavit has long been considered a great companion to Danish cuisine and traditions and an integral part of Danish holiday celebrations. Aalborg Akvavit is the single most selling spirits brand in Denmark today.

As the most preferred akvavit in Denmark, Aalborg Taffel has a distinct taste of caraway seeds with a subtle citrus taste at the finish. This spirit can be enjoyed as a digestif to round off a heavy, traditional meat and potatoes holiday meal. Because of its rich flavor profile, this spirit can be served ice-cold or next to a beer, and also works great in a Bloody Mary.

Aalborg Jubilaeums is one of the few aquavits made completely without caraway. This spirit is mild and delicate, with a refined dill and coriander taste. Enjoying Aalborg Jubilaeums chilled will bring out the gentle spice notes, or use it in place of gin to create a “Jubilaeum Tonic.”

Lysholm Linie, the world’s most famous aquavit, has a delicate taste that offers a combination of caraway, anis seed, orange peel and vanilla which makes it especially suitable for pairing with traditional holiday foods. This spirit has been a staple on Norwegian and Nordic holiday tables since its creation in 1805.

Uniquely, Linie is matured in a warehouse for 12 months in 500 liter sherry casks before being matured four more months aboard the deck of a ship traveling the world. Every bottle of Linie Aquavit carries details of its voyage around the world on the reverse of its label and the actual trip the aquavit in every bottle has taken can be viewed at

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About Arcus Gruppen

Arcus is a leading Nordic player in the production, import and sale of wine and spirits. The group is represented in all the Nordic countries, with subsidiary companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Arcus is the market leader for spirits in Norway and Denmark, for wines in Norway and the second largest for wine in Sweden. The group also has significant exports of spirits to markets outside the Nordic region, most importantly to Germany. Arcus was listed at The Oslo Stock Exchange December 1, 2016. Arcus’ head office is at Gjelleråsen in Nittedal municipality just north of Oslo.

About The Sazerac Company

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