503 Distilling Releases The Blood Orange Greyhound

OREGON CITY, Ore. — 503 Distilling announces its second cocktail in a can- The Blood Orange Greyhound. Following up on the successful launch of its inaugural canned cocktail, The Wicked Mule, 503 Distilling has launched a second canned cocktail, The Blood Orange Greyhound, for enjoying on the river, the golf course, or simply at home in the back yard this summer in convenient and environmentally friendly 12oz. aluminum cans.

Rusty Caldwell, co-founder of 503 Distilling and resident mix-master, was recently asked “Why come out with a greyhound? Why not a margarita or bloody mary?” His response: “We wanted to create a cocktail that people have some familiarity with, like a greyhound, but at the same time put our own spin on it by pairing it with something out of the ordinary. I love a good bloody mary but everyone has their own idea of how a great bloody mary should taste. I was experimenting with pureed blood orange in my morning smoothie one day, which tasted awful by the way, but decided to try it in my greyhound that afternoon which turned out to be amazing. The result was the basis for The Blood Orange Greyhound which has a pleasant grapefruit aroma with a bit of sweetness provided by the combination of blood orange and grapefruit.”

503 Distilling’s first canned cocktail, a local take on the famous Moscow mule called The Wicked Mule, was launched in December 2017 and quickly attracted a dedicated following. Caldwell explains that 503’s newest cocktail has really appealed to those who are looking for an alternative to the spicy ginger character and strong vodka overtones of The Wicked Mule. The Blood Orange Greyhound is made by infusing vodka with grapefruit then blending blood orange puree, grapefruit juice, and lime to create a refreshing 9% ABV cocktail that is extremely “sessionable”.

Both The Blood Orange Greyhound and The Wicked Mule are available across the entire state of Oregon at liquor stores as well as a few select Portland area farmer’s markets.

About 503 Cocktails

503 Cocktails, a division of 503 Distilling, LLC, is a small artisanal distillery located in Oregon City, Oregon, started in 2017. Founded by three local long time beverage industry professionals, 503 Distilling’s mission is to deliver unique spirit based cocktails and hand crafted traditional spirits to the world. For more information on the company, please email contact@503distilling.com or visit www.503distilling.com.