Neversink Spirits Moves to 100 Percent Apple Base for Apple Gin

PORT CHESTER, N.Y.— Neversink Spirits, the craft spirits producer based in Port Chester, N.Y. today announces a move to a 100 percent apple base for its flagship spirit, Neversink Gin.

Neversink Spirits founders, Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino, combined their passion for America’s favorite fruit, the apple, with distilling know-how to create Neversink Gin. This month, they moved production from a 50 percent grain and 50 percent apple-based split to a 100 percent NY-state apple base spirit.

Apples for Neversink Gin are sourced from a single orchard in New York State and the apple-base spirit is macerated with juniper berries for 24 hours before being distilled with eleven different botanicals including: juniper, coriander, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, orris root, angelica root, elderflower and fresh orange, lemon and grapefruit peel. The result is a nuanced and delicate gin with a warm baking spice and notes of fresh citrus accenting the apple base.

Talking of the move to 100 percent apple base for their New York state gin, co-founder, Yoni Rabino, said: “When we first created Neversink, wanted to capture the spirit of New York and thought what better way to do that then with apples, one of the great agricultural products of the state. The move to a 100 percent apple base for Neversink Gin provides a creamier, weightier mouth feel and greater body as well as a real freshness to this unique spirit.”

The apple base ensures the weight of Neversink gin is perfect for gin cocktails such as an Aviation, Bees Knees, Last Word and a classic of dry martini.

Neversink believes in quality in, quality out. By sourcing the apples from a single orchard in New York, Neversink is able to fully verify the quality and provenance of the base ingredient for Neversink Gin, whilst minimizing its production footprint on the planet.

The SRP for a 750ml of Neversink Gin is $45.00 and is available from independent liquor stores and great bars and restaurants