Q Drinks Partners with Emblem Public Relations

LOS ANGELES & BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Emblem Public Relations, a boutique agency representing beverage brands, bars, and restaurants, announces today it has signed on as the agency of record for Brooklyn’s Q Drinks, which since 2007 has built a reputation as the standard bearer for American-made, carbonated mixers.

Q Drinks started with a question on a warm summer night in Brooklyn, as Jordan Silbert and a few good friends enjoyed gin & tonics in his backyard. Feeling a cloying stickiness on his teeth, Silbert picked up the bottle of flat, factory tonic they were drinking and noticed the ingredients included 32 grams of high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and artificial preservatives – the same as the lemon-lime soda a friend of his was drinking.

He wondered, ‘Why shouldn’t my tonic, which is ¾ of my drink, be as great as my gin? A concept was born, and later a brand. Today thousands of America’s very best bars, restaurants and retailers proudly carry Q mixers.

Product range highlights:

  • The Q range includes its original Tonic Water, Indian Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Grapefruit, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, and Kola.
  • All products are made in the USA and are certified non-GMO.
  • Q mixers are less sweet, which allows subtleties of great shine through
  • No high-fructose corn syrup. That translates to roughly half the calories of other mixers.
  • More carbonation, meaning your G&T, Moscow Mule, or Paloma will stay fizzy longer.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to represent a brand like Q, which embodies the same principles we do – honesty, integrity, and quality,” said Emblem Public Relations founder and principal Colin Baugh. “The rigor with which Jordan approaches ingredient sourcing and product development is astounding and his vision for the brand moving forward is perfectly in step with industry trends. We look forward to the opportunity to further that vision.”

“We’re excited to work with Emblem. Colin, like us, believes there’s a better way to do things,” said Q Drinks founder and CEO Jordan Silbert. “By caring more and working harder, he makes great things happen.”

About Q Drinks

Q makes the world’s best carbonated mixers – spectacular beverages crafted with authentic ingredients, more carbonation, and much less sugar to perfectly complement the world’s finest spirits. Our tonic water, ginger beer, and other flavors are proudly carried by many of America’s best restaurants, bars, and retailers including Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Total Wine and Amazon. For more information please visit www.QDrinks.com.

About Emblem Public Relations

Founded in 2008, Emblem Public Relations specializes in securing top-tier media coverage on behalf of clients in the beverage, bar, and restaurant spaces. For more, please visit www.EmblemPR.com.