Stirrings Launches Organic Margarita Mix

MANSFIELD, Mass. — Stirrings, a leading company in the natural cocktail mixer category, welcomes a new cocktail mixer to the family this month.

“As category leaders, it makes sense that our next step would be launching an organic mixer that appeals to many consumer groups” said Samantha Arredondo, Marketing Manager at Stirrings.

Currently, Stirrings most popular mixer nationwide is the Simple Margarita Mix. This was the company’s very first mixer and has made incredible strides over the last 20 years. In comparison to its original margarita mixer, the organic margarita will have 50 calories and 12 grams of sugar, feature a blend of organic lime juice, organic cane sugar and organic agave nectar, with no preservatives added.

The Organic Margarita mix will be launched in select markets, with Massachusetts and New Jersey being the test markets. A limited batch will also be available online at Stirrings feels that by launching into select markets will give the opportunity to obtain real consumer feedback allowing them to fine tune this mixer and ultimately provide a quality product that meets the needs of consumers nationwide.

About Stirrings

Stirrings was founded in Nantucket, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts, in 1997 with the mission: use only the very best ingredients and create cocktail mixers and bar ingredients that people feel good about drinking. Stirrings is a leader & originator of craft cocktail mixers with it’s versatile range of quality products and world class iconic packaging that now defines the category. Our products can be found for sale at major grocery stores nationwide, liquor stores, online at and a variety of online retailers.