Danisco broadens its range of health ingredients with Ferco grape-based natural extracts

Paris, January 15th, 2009: Today, Danisco signed a long term agreement with the French company Ferco for the worldwide exclusive supply of Grap’Active™ grape-based extracts.

Those extracts are produced using a patented water-extraction technology and are naturally containing polyphenols, known for their health benefits and antioxidant properties as well as for their role in the prevention of food oxidation.

A natural fit

This new agreement is in line with Danisco’s strategic focus on Health & Nutrition as it broadens its range of fruit polyphenols with health benefits. Tasteless and completely water-soluble, Grap’Active™ polyphenols is the natural solution to meet the consumer demand for products without artificial preservatives or with low sugar content.

“Natural grape polyphenols are of high interest to our food, beverage and supplement customers, as they offer health benefits with an all-natural positioning and a clean labelling”, says Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, President of Danisco BioActives, “Our agreement with Ferco complements our portfolio of natural extracts and contributes to position Danisco as the First choice ingredient partner in health and nutrition.”

Ferco is also satisfied with the agreement:” We are looking forward to developing new channels to market for our Grap’Active™ range thanks to Danisco’s global sales coverage and application expertise”, comments Marc Feriès,CEO of Ferco.

Danisco BioActives focus on health and safety

Danisco is looking to expand its range of natural extracts with new and unique products demonstrating benefits for health and food protection.

Thus, to complement its existing range of green tea and rosemary extracts and the partnership agreement signed a few weeks ago on apple extracts, Danisco is now offering natural extracts from grape.

The new range from Ferco will include white and red grape skin and grape seed water extracted polyphenols. Target markets are the dairy, beverages, food and supplement industries.

An expanding market

According to Frost & Sullivan, the total polyphenol market is estimated at more than EUR 100 million in Europe alone. Together with green tea flavonoids, grape and olive polyphenols are heading market expansion, grapes being amongst the fruits with the
highest total count of polyphenols.

About Danisco

With a rich and innovative portfolio, Danisco is a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions. Using nature’s own materials, science and the knowledge of our 9,500 people, we design and deliver bio-based ingredients that meet market demand for healthier and safer products. Danisco’s ingredients are used globally in a wide range of industries – from bakery, dairy and beverages to animal feed, laundry detergents and bioethanol – offering functional, economic and environmental benefits. Headquartered in Denmark and operating from more than 120 locations, Danisco’s key focus is to become our customers’ First choice and a truly market-driven global business. Find out more at www.danisco.com