US Patent granted on VIZcap, a new innovation in the burgeoning dosing and dispensing bottle cap category.

Atlanta, GA (April 6, 2009) – VIZ Enterprises LLC ( announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent covering the VIZcap dosing and dispensing bottle cap. The VIZcap offers manufacturers of baby formula, functional beverages, spirits and pharmaceuticals the ability to deliver consumer convenience for fresher, more potent beverages.

“The worldwide interest in VIZcap is not surprising,” says Robert Berman, CEO of VIZ. “Every manufacturer of any type of beverage knows that most vitamins and other nutrients are highly sensitive and lose potency the moment they are mixed with a liquid. And the longer it sits, the less efficacious it becomes.” VIZcap solves this problem by storing liquid or powder nutrients in its oxygen- and moisture-restricted chamber, keeping the ingredients potent until the consumer releases them into the contents of a bottle.

VIZcap has many unique characteristics that are highly appealing to consumers: 1) the vitamins and nutrients are visible in its clear dome; 2) as consumers release the fresh ingredients, the reaction with the liquid creates a fun, interactive experience; and 3) consumers feel more satisfied because they’re drinking a fresh, potent beverage.

Formation Design, one of the most awarded Industrial Design firms, globally, designed the VIZcap. Formation faced some unique challenges, as all other available dosing and dispensing caps have significant shortcomings. The VIZcap was developed not only to be the most aesthetically pleasing, user-intuitive and flexible dosing and dispensing cap, but one that could be seamlessly integrated into VIZ customers’ bottling lines.

In addition to the US Patent issuance, Patent applications for VIZcap are pending in 52 other countries. VIZ Enterprises licenses its VIZcap technology to companies around the world. It can be molded and manufactured to fit any size bottle and handle both large and small payloads.


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