Boost your immune defences with HOWARU probiotic juices

Today the juice market shows that adding probiotics to fruit juices is a strategy that many beverage developers are using to bring additional immune health benefits to their products, while maintaining an all-natural positioning for their fruit juice ranges. Following this healthy trend, Danisco is launching a global programme which focuses on boosting immune health in refrigerated juices with the addition of a clinical dose of HOWARU® Bifido.

HOWARU® Bifido, which has been clinically proven that it may enhance the body’s natural immune response, especially amongst children and the elderly, offers beverage manufacturers the possibility to create a unique juice drink promoting both health and taste.

Consumers are searching for natural healthy solutions for boosting immune health. With HOWARU® Bifido fruit juices, we can offer our customers a healthy and appetizing product, including people who are lactose intolerant”, says Peggy Steele, Global Business

Director, Health & Nutrition, BioActives.

High level of expertise

Danisco’s Applications Specialists have worked to gain expertise in process and formulations, and have acquired a real know-how of direct inoculation of probiotics into juices. Thanks to this knowledge, Danisco has developed 2 exotic probiotic juice concepts, both containing an effective dose of HOWARU® Bifido.

“Our expertise spans formulation development and the test results have shown our capability to obtain a good survival of our probiotics in fruit juice over 40 days at 4°C”, says Marie Jane Fallourd, Beverage Group Manager at Danisco.

About Danisco

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