WILD’s Stevia Taste Modification Solutions – Great Taste Without the Use of Erythritol

ERLANGER, Ky., July 2, 2010 — WILD Flavors continues its commitment to health, wellness, and natural products by promoting the broader use of Stevia through WILD's entire line of Sunwin Stevia(TM) products — all FDA GRAS affirmed (FDA Letters of No Objection #GRN000303 & #GRN000304). These include Sunwin Stevia – Reb-A 98, Sunwin Stevia – Reb-A 95, Sunwin Stevia – Reb-A 80/95% Steviol Glycosides, Sunwin Stevia – Reb-A 60/95% Steviol Glycosides.

WILD has also developed a comprehensive range of proprietary Taste Modification Solutions for Stevia applications. These systems address mouthfeel, masking, sweet enhancement, and blocking of bitterness that improve the taste profile of foods and beverages containing Stevia. By rounding out the flavor profiles and masking the Stevia taste profile issues, these ingredients and blends improve the finished product while enhancing Stevia's sweetening properties.

WILD's Taste Modification Solutions for Stevia do not contain sugar alcohols, such as erythritol. Sugar alcohols can have a cooling sensation, can be difficult to dissolve and have a high cost-in-use in many applications.

A key benefit of WILD's Taste Modification Solutions is that they are labeled as "Natural Flavors." Developed using a trained sensory panel for Stevia tasting, these unique modification systems were developed as platforms that are used and specialized for different applications and levels of Reb-A in Stevia. This approach enables our customers to select the best sweetening system for their unique product and cost objectives.

Taste Them in Action at IFT!

At IFT 2010, July 18-20 in Chicago, WILD will be featuring a number of new concepts featuring Sunwin Stevia(TM) and WILD's Taste Modification Solutions for Stevia, including:

Naturally Zero-Calorie Peach Iced Tea – Classically refreshing iced tea is made naturally sweet and low-calorie with Sunwin Stevia(TM) and WILD's Taste Modification Solutions for Stevia. Paired with a summery peach flavor, this beverage is perfect for those that love sweet tea, but not the calories!

Sugar Free Blueberry Acai Pomegranate Candy – Sunwin

Stevia(TM) is featured in a natural, low calorie hard candy colored with WILD's Colors from Nature(TM) acid-stable blue color. The lightly tart sweet flavor was highly rated in a sensory test of 295 panelists and chosen as a nicely balanced sweetness through the use of Sunwin Stevia(R) and WILD's Taste Modification Solutions.

Chocolate Cookie with 50% Less Sugar – Sweetened with Sunwin Stevia(TM), this rich cookie features a natural dark chocolate flavor. Stevia works particularly well with low sugar chocolate products, and Sunwin Stevia(TM) and WILD's Taste Modification Solutions are uniquely suited to work in high temperature baking applications.