WheyUP Re-Starts Production With New Executive Chairman and CEO

Gilbert, Ariz. – July 21, 2010 – WheyUP, the Original Protein Drink with Energy, announced today that the company has restarted production after a round of financial restructuring. The popular Grape Punch flavor will be the first off the bottling line. New product is expected to hit retail stores in Arizona by August 2010. The company will also make the product available nationally, beginning in August, by selling and distributing nationally via the company’s website at www.wheyup.com.

“WheyUP has emerged from this company reorganization, leaner and wiser,” said Erik Rothchild, WheyUP’s inventor, co-founder, and President. “We built a loyal following in Arizona, and that is where we will initially focus our marketing and distribution efforts. Arizona is a state where exercise and fitness are an integral part of the lifestyle.”

As part of the company reorganization, WheyUP added beverage industry veteran Jon Silverman as Executive Chairman and CEO. Silverman has more than 35 years of global experience in the beverage industry working with such international giants as Seagram’s, Labatt’s, Grupo Empresarial Bavaria, Pepsi, and others.

“From the minute I was introduced to WheyUP, I fell in love with the brand,” Silverman said. “It's hard to find a unique, first-to-market brand that is on the left and upside side of the bell curve. The fact that it is healthy, tastes great, appeals to a wide consumer base, and has numerous benefits only solidified my enthusiasm for WheyUP and its line extension possibilities.”

WheyUP represents a breakthrough in the fitness drink market. It combines 20 grams of whey protein with an energy component in a sugar-free, non-carbonated beverage of 90 calories per bottle. WheyUP is sold in ready-to-drink 16-ounce plastic bottles and in 12 packs.

The fitness industry recommends consuming a minimum of 20g of whey protein prior to working out. Many individuals are also seeking a boost of energy – whether it’s coffee, an energy drink or caffeine pills – to intensify their workout. With WheyUP, getting energized and adding healthy protein to a diet has never been easier.

WheyUP is targeted toward a wide variety of health-conscience individuals and fitness enthusiasts. It is ideal for fat/weight-loss programs, exercise programs, weight-training programs, athletic activities, gastro bypass surgery patients, and as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It also appeals to women. 

“With 20 grams of protein, zero fat and only 1 gram of carbs, WheyUP is the perfect drink for people on carb-conscience diets,” Rothchild said. “It’s a great way to add protein to your diet and energy to your day.”

For more information, visit www.wheyup.com.