Fluxome Resveratrol Obtains GRAS Status

(04.04.2011) Fluxome® Resveratrol has obtained self affirmed GRAS and it has thus been confirmed to be safe to use as a food ingredient. The GRAS status enables further use of natural resveratrol in food and beverage applications.

It is critical to ensure that the nutraceutical ingredients added to food products are safe to consume. Resveratrol ingredients are obviously not an exemption. In consequence Fluxome initiated the assessment of Fluxome® Resveratrol by a panel of independent well esteemed scientific expert to evaluate the safe use of the product as a food ingredient.

The result of the evaluation is that Fluxome® Resveratrol has obtained Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, which means that the product is considered safe to consume, as a food ingredient.

“The GRAS status confirms the safety and superiority of fermentation derived products, where all process parameters are tightly controlled. With the GRAS status in USA, Fluxome has taken a major step forward in its process of obtaining sales approvals for Fluxome® Resveratrol in other countries and regions” says Dr. Bo Stenhuus, Vice President Compliance.  

The GRAS approval strengthens Fluxome® Resveratrol’s unique position in the marketplace as a provider of the safest natural resveratrol available. Food manufacturers can safely enter the area of functional foods and beverages with natural Fluxome® Resveratrol. Fluxome believes that this market has a good fit with the high quality and level of safety that the company brings.

” The new GRAS status takes Fluxome one step closer towards fulfilling our ambition to become the leading provider of high quality and natural nutraceutical ingredients and the preferred supplier to companies that value safe, consistent, pure and eco-friendly products” says Mr. Steen Andersen, President & CEO of Fluxome A/S.  

In general the GRAS approval is just yet another confirmation of the high safety profile of Fluxome® Resveratrol and emphasises that Fluxome advocates for safer and more consistent nutraceutical ingredients produced by fermentation.

Fluxome is a leader in producing nutraceutical ingredients by eco-friendly fermentation technologies that utilizes novel bioprocesses. Fluxome produces its natural resveratrol in the US by a patented fermentation process.

For more information please contact Mr. Mads Bjørnhof Marketing Director at Fluxome.