Frank Del Corso, Director of R&D, Allen Flavors, Inc. to Speak at NAFFS

Frank Del Corso has worked with many entrepreneurs over the past 12 years at Allen Flavors to develop their beverage concepts yielding a product ready for bottling. Del Corso also draws on his extensive experience in ingredient quality control, beverage processing and manufacturing as well as post production technical support for hundreds of brand owners.

Frank carries a bachelor’s degree in food science from Montclair State University and a master’s degree inbusiness administration from Seton Hall University.

The presentation, Building A Better Beverage – From Concept to Market, will include a brief history of functional beverages, their function and perceived functions. The importance of flavor and function compatibility, some common misconceptions and frequently made pitfalls on the way to commercialization and how to avoid them will be discussed.

The presentation will include samples of a refreshing Varietal Grape Beverage, a Vanilla Bacon and Sea Salt Protein Foam and a 2oz. Post Radiation Exposure Shot.

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