MKG Lands evian’s US Social Media Business

July 29, 2011 – New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA – MKG, a New York-based experiential and event marketing agency, today confirmed that the agency was awarded the 2012 US social media business of long-time client evian.  The premier bottled water brand has been a longtime client of MKG, with MKG overseeing evian’s event marketing campaigns in major cities throughout the U.S. and providing national support for the recent “Baby Inside” campaign launch.

The addition of social media to the agency’s duties will further enhance MKG’s strategic relationship with evian. The agency will now manage the dialogue with evian’s consumers nationwide, in addition to enhancing upcoming event marketing and garnering insights that support evian’s marketing and advertising efforts in the US.

“We’re thrilled to strengthen and deepen our relationship with a valued client: evian,” says Maneesh K. Goyal, the founder and president of MKG.  “As MKG continues to broaden its offerings of experiential marketing services, evian’s social media business is an important piece of business for the agency, and a testimonial to the trust clients place in us as strategic marketers.”

The new social media relationship started in July 2011.  Please ‘friend’ or ‘like’ evian at and!/evian_US.

About MKG

MKG is a New York-based experiential marketing firm with a client list that includes Delta Air Lines, Evian, Ralph Lauren, Google and American Express, amongst other household brand names that touch the lives of consumers on a daily basis.  And touching consumers’ lives is exactly what MKG does – by creating memorable, unexpected, evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary marketing campaigns for their clients in key U.S. and European markets, but most often in New York City.  Visit for more details.