Online Tool Instantly Calculates Prices for HFCS, Beet Sugar USDA Data Highlights Cost-Effectiveness of HFCS

WASHINGTON (August 17, 2011)—A new interactive tool from the Corn Refiners Association makes it easy for food and beverage marketers to compare high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and beet sugar prices. The cost calculator, now available on, highlights the financial benefits of using HFCS versus beet sugar.

The calculator works by allowing users to select either HFCS 42 or HFCS 55, and then enter the dry weight volume in pounds. They can view USDA price data, the cost savings from using HFCS and 10 years of historical price trends. The price differences can have a significant impact on formulation costs for food products and beverages.

“High fructose corn syrup remains the most cost-effective caloric sweetener on the market,” said Audrae Erickson, president, Corn Refiners Association. “This tool will help food and beverage industry executives get the facts they need to make formulation decisions.”

While some food and beverage marketers are concerned about consumer perception of HFCS, recent Mintel research shows that most consumers look to avoid total added sugars, not HFCS specifically. The study found that 17 percent of consumers were trying to avoid sugar or added sugar, as opposed to only 4 percent who indicated that they were looking to avoid HFCS.

The sweetener cost comparison calculator is available online at

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