Reserveage Organics Launches New Beauty-From-Within Products

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (August 2011) – Reserveage™ Organics announces two new products to be launched as extensions to its growing line of next generation beauty-from-within supplements. These products­­­­­­­—Beautiful Legs and Keratin Booster For Men—offer restorative and nourishing solutions for hair, nails and skin, and support the needs of both men and women.

The innovative products include:

Beautiful Legs

Beautiful Legs combines the scientifically researched flavonoid Diosmin with other support nutrients, such as grapeseed extract, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut and Resveratrol, to provide comprehensive support for healthy leg vein and tone. Beautiful Legs helps diminish the unsightly look of spider and varicose veins, and contains a 95% standardized extract of Diosmin, the same strength used in clinical studies that was shown to: support the health and tone of leg veins and capillaries, support healthy blood flow and circulation, and help reduce the occasional swelling and sensation of heaviness in legs caused by standing or overexertion.

Keratin For Men

Keratin Booster™ for Men with Cynatine® HNS represents the latest innovation in men’s healthy hair supplementation. A clinical study performed on Cynatine® HNS demonstrated that, over 90 days, hair loss from washing was reduced by 30%. Hair strength was also improved by 12%, with a marked improvement in the shine and brightness of the hair. It also includes Resveratrol, and saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, all-natural, plant-derived substances that help support normal levels of DHT in the body. Keratin Booster for Men provides a nourishing blend of science-backed ingredients for supporting and maintaining healthy, youthful-looking hair.

“We are delighted to offer these next generation innovations to our expanding beauty-from-within line of products,” said Rob Maru, vice president of product innovation and development for Reserveage. “Products such as these are groundbreaking, natural solutions that produce incredible results for both men and women.”


About Reserveage Organics

Inspired by the wisdom of nature and the healthiest cultures around the world, Reserveage aims to provide high-quality, science-driven products that deliver life-changing benefits. We know nature is a powerful and abundant source, so we travel the world in search of the finest natural ingredients. Research-driven formulations with clinically proven results is the philosophy that inspires us to enhance the relationship between science and nature. We strive to create the world’s most advanced and innovative nutritional supplements that deliver the promise of optimal wellness. We are devoted to providing only the most natural ingredients in pure and authentic formulas.

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