Alchem USA Launches First Vinpocetine Memory Ingredient for Beverages

First Water Dispersible Vinpocetine for Beverages

Alchem USA Inc. announces the launch of ReQollect™ Solution, a novel form of concentrated liquid vinpocetine suited for use in beverages to enhance memory and alertness, as well as in pre-workout formulations to improve focus and coordination. This new form of vinpocetine is highly dispersible, of high clarity and can be used in a wide range of beverage and liquid preparations.

Poor blood circulation in the brain is one of the most significant mechanisms triggering cognitive decline. Vinpocetine increases blood circulation through the brain, enhancing use of oxygen and glucose. ReQollect is a branded, high-purity vinpocetine extract, manufactured from the finest botanical sources, at Alchem International’s U.S. FDA certified facility. Vinpocetine has been subjected to multiple published clinical studies of more than 30,000 total volunteer participants.

“We developed this product to support our customers’ needs for a highly soluble, clinically supported ingredient for cognitive function,” explains Laurent Leduc, COO of  Alchem USA Inc. ReQollect Solution can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as dairy, juices, functional waters, “energy shots” and pre-workout supplements. It is highly stable in multiple nutrient blends, as well as at high temperatures and through extreme manufacturing processes that can otherwise affect active ingredients. “Our goal was to combine our customers’ variety of needs for solubility, temperature resistance and clarity into a single, winning formulation,” adds Leduc.

Alchem USA now offers two types of vinpocetine: ReQollect Vinpocetine USP—a powder form for capsules, tablets and softgel applications—and ReQollect Solution, a highly dispersible liquid form for beverages.

Attendees of Supply Side West November 7-8 will be able to taste ReQollect Solution, which will be featured in a beverage application at Alchem’s booth #15048.

About Alchem International

Alchem International Ltd. is the largest manufacturer in India of extracts and their purified derivatives. Approved by the U.S. FDA, the company has three facilities that comply with international GMP standards. Alchem manufactures herbal extracts and pure pharmaceuticals that conform to USP and other international standards. Its ingredient offerings include natural extracts, such as vinpocetine, Coleus Forskolin, sennosides and quinine. Alchem prides itself on its product quality, customer satisfaction and commitment to the environment.