Cargill’s Oliggo-Fiber Inulin Helps Meet Ongoing Consumer Demand for Fiber-Enriched Foods

Strategic relationship with Cosucra enables a shared vision to expand the market

 MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill began working with Cosucra in 2001 as the exclusive North American distributor of inulin and oligofructose under the Oliggo-Fiber® inulin brand. The two companies have recently increased their joint focus to align new applications and product development with inulin’s tremendous potential for addressing many important health concerns. The strength of increased collaboration between Cargill and Cosucra will deliver greater value to customers and make a bigger impact in the market.

An estimated 60 percent of adults are now trying to increase their fiber consumption. Most shoppers actively look for fiber content on food labels, yet most people only consume about half of the daily fiber requirements of 25-30 grams. Cargill’s Oliggo-Fiber® inulin is the natural, ‘invisible’ soluble fiber that enables food and beverage manufacturers to discretely add fiber’s many health benefits to a wide selection of products. A versatile ingredient made from chicory roots, it is virtually undetectable in most foods and beverages. It is an ideal solution for those consumers looking to increase fiber intake for a host of health reasons, including the satiety benefits, enhancing calcium absorption, and supporting digestive health.

“While two-thirds of all dieters may consume fiber to help promote satiety as an aid in weight management, there are so many other good reasons to add Oliggo-Fiber® inulin to your diet,” explains Deborah Schulz, product manager, Cargill Health & Nutrition. “Studies have shown that eight grams of inulin per day may increase calcium absorption among pre-teens and post-menopausal women, making it important for bone health. Oliggo-Fiber® inulin is also a prebiotic that supports the natural, healthful bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract. And, it is suitable for use in diabetic/low glycemic diets.”

Schulz adds that products made with Oliggo-Fiber® inulin may also be formulated with a lower fat content and fewer calories because of its functionality as a fat/sugar replacer.

“Given today’s obesity epidemic, being able to bring delicious foods to consumers’ tables with more fiber and less fat is enormously beneficial.”

Watch for the launch of new Oliggo-Fiber® inulin products in the next six months.

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