Closure Systems International Introduces Versatile Econo-Lok mini Closure for Carbonated Soft Drinks & Water Beverages

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Econo-Lok mini is a versatile new ultra-lightweight 28mm linerless closure designed for use on both carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and bottled water beverages. This closure is optimally engineered to meet standard performance requirements for CSD and bottled water applications, while weighing less than 2 grams.

Econo-Lok mini is an ideal solution for value-conscious bottlers globally, as it combines the 1881 short-height finish material reduction savings with an ultra-lightweight one-piece closure design that satisfies consumers and bottlers alike. The ergonomic 120-knurl outside provides a smooth but firm grip that delivers ease of opening for consumers and brand interchangeability for bottlers. Further highlighting its versatility, the closure can be used on PET package sizes ranging from as small as 250ml to as large as 3-liter bottles.

The Econo-Lok mini 28mm cap is made of organoleptic resin material that meets sensory protocols for sparkling beverages and waters. It has a robust seal that meets CO2 performance requirements and has a patented secure tamper evidence system. Finally, Econo-Lok mini’s trouble-free application performance and expert CSI technical services help to efficiently deliver the lowest total cost of operations.

For further information, please contact:

Juanjo Martinez, Business Development Manager – Europe
Closure Systems International
CSI España, S.A Ctra. Nacional 340 Km
Barcelona, ES 8798
+34 93 891 7808

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