Ethical Naturals Inc. Successfully Completes Clinical Trial on Whole Grape Extract

Results Demonstrate Grape Extract Reduces Total Cholesterol/HDL-C Ratios and Promotes HDL-C Increase

(San Anselmo, CA, August 21, 2012) — Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI), a leading supplier of botanical ingredients to the U.S. and International supplement, beverage, and food markets, partnered with KGK Synergize (Canada), has completed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study which investigated the effect of ENI’s Patented Whole Grape Extract on cholesterol and antioxidant status. The study included 26 human subjects exhibiting symptoms associated with one or more of the following conditions:   pre-hypertension, overweight, and/or pre-diabetes.

Grapes and their corresponding extracts, with resveratrol, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and flavonoids have long been known to benefit overall health. The outcome of this study demonstrated that Ethical Naturals’ unique Whole Grape Extract has a positive effect on increasing HDL-C, and decreasing total Cholesterol/HDL-C ratios in subjects after supplementation for 6 weeks.   Key biomarkers reflecting oxidative stress, such as 8-isoprostane levels, were also improved in subjects using ENI’s patented Whole Grape Extract versus the placebo group.  The extract was found to be safe and well tolerated at a dose of 350mg/day in the population studied.

ENI has been granted a U.S. patent on this ingredient (U.S. Patent 7,959,963, June 2011) and the ingredient is patent-pending in China and the European Union. The Whole Grape Extract is marketed under the brand names ORAC-15M™ and VinCare™ and it is standardized to contain 80 percent grape polyphenols with an ORAC Value of 15,000 µmol TE/gram.

VinCare™ and ORAC-15M™ are GRAS affirmed, and in addition to their use in supplements, are used widely for adding antioxidant value and polyphenol content to beverages.  The extract is popular for this purpose because in addition to the high nutritional levels, the color and flavor profile are low, which is ideal for beverage use.

“We put a lot of work into developing this ingredient and obtaining the patent in the US,” says Cal Bewicke, President of ENI.  “We’re very pleased that this study scientifically validates the health benefits associated with products concentrated from whole grapes.  In addition to being proven safe, healthy, and effective, Ethical Naturals is confident that VinCare™ and ORAC-15M™ will continue to be excellent complements to its existing line of superior botanical ingredients,”  ends Bewicke.

About Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI)
ENI is dedicated to bringing a new level of knowledge and integrity to the supply of key natural raw materials for the health supplement industry.  ENI’s key principle, NATURE VERIFIED BY SCIENCE®, is built into every scientifically standardized ingredient they supply.   Each ingredient is validated through their ProfileProven® Quality Assurance system, a program that tests and guarantees every ingredient from field to finished product.  ENI offers a full range of standardized botanical extracts, plus a range of proprietary and patent-pending ingredients in leading categories which include: antioxidants, joint care, mood relaxants.