Ingredion Publishes White Paper on a Revolutionary New Emulsifier for Maximized Beverage Emulsion Productivity

WESTCHESTER, IL., September 10, 2012 – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announces the publication of “A Revolutionary Starch Emulsifier for Maximized Beverage Emulsion Productivity” white paper. The paper presents a novel ingredient solution, PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier, to deliver both flavor (or color) and turbidity effectively, allowing beverage manufacturers to maximize oil load and minimize water usage in emulsion concentrates for significant savings.

PURITY GUM Ultra emulsifier is capable of doubling the oil load over conventional emulsifiers, which in turn doubles the manufacturing volume that can be produced from the same amount of raw materials, reducing processing costs dramatically. This specialty starch also reduces water by up to 54% in emulsion concentrate, which has the potential to for manufacturers to saves shipping and inventory costs, and reducing their carbon footprint.

“A main limitation of traditional emulsifiers in stabilizing higher oil loads is that higher oil loads require a higher amount of emulsifiers, which causes too high of a viscosity in processing . As a result, typical oil loads for beverage emulsions are less than 15% to avoid processing issues,” said Afaf Makarious, Global Technical Lead for Beverage Emulsion with Ingredion Incorporated. “We developed, through patented technology, PURITY GUM Ultra emulsifier to deliver four times the emulsifying power of traditional beverage emulsifiers. Using standard industry data, we have estimated production, warehousing and shipping cost savings of approximately $500,000 per 1 billion liters of finished beverage.”

The white paper also includes performance results from an independent study comparing the oil load emulsion of PURITY GUM Ultra against conventional starch and gum arabic that demonstrate the new ingredient’s effectiveness. For a copy of “A Revolutionary OSA Starch Emulsifier for Maximized Beverage Emulsion Productivity,” contact Ingredion at 1-866-961-6285, e-mail or visit