Beckart Brings Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment to the Industry

Beckart Environmental, Inc., of Kenosha, Wisconsin, has announced the expansion of its wastewater treatment solutions to the beverage and brewing industries with innovative anaerobic wastewater systems designed particularly for high strength wastewater. Partnering with Econvert of The Netherlands, a firm whose partners have over 30 years’ experience in anaerobic wastewater treatment, including in breweries, Beckart will provide the North American industrial market with proven treatment design, manufacturing and service since 1978.

Econvert systems  emphasize a wastewater-to-energy approach that saves money and creates a resource for manufacturers and industrial customers; the anaerobic wastewater treatment systems continuously convert BOD, COD and sludge in wastewater streams to biogas, which can be subsequently used as a secondary energy source (to run a boiler or kettle, for example).

Econvert systems feature a vertical design, greatly reducing floor space requirements. In some applications, they can be retrofitted into existing wastewater aeration systems, saving space and reducing energy-related aeration expenses. Aeration expenses and sludge generation are reduced in proportion to the reduction of BOD and COD (typically about 80%-90%). Additionally, biomass accumulated in the reactor tank will often have a saleable value.

A full range of sizes are available for variable loads, and are suitable for loads from approximately 660 lbs COD/day or 440 lbs BOD/day. Individual systems can treat up to 52,000 lbs COD/day. Other standard features include a modular approach for increasing flows at expanding facilities, congestion-free influent system, gas-tight reactor and recirculation pipe to minimize odor, adjustable, independent upflow configurations, and touch-screen controls panels.

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