Debbie Wildrick Announces New Consulting Practice

Officially, Debbie Wildrick, is announcing the start of my consulting practice,  Our mission is helping new and emerging brands maximize their potential.  Our services and capabilities are based on Growing Innovative Brand’s 10 Pillars to Building a Successful Consumer Packaged Goods Company.  The types of clients we are able to help include new brands entering the market, emerging brands looking to grow their business, retailers looking for expert assortment analysis and new product decisions, and large companies reviewing new introductions or by-channel strategies.   Please like our Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter, where you’ll be updated on comments and perceptions of the latest industry trends, new products, etc.


In addition, I have partnered with firms below which will give us the opportunity to provide additional services in helping companies and brands:

MetaBrand is an ethics based, quality first, full-service solution working as your outsourced ingredient, extraction and formulation partner – developing and marketing products according to your unique specifications and consumer needs.

Impetus Capital provides services at the board and executive level. Our capabilities meet the most fundamental needs of today’s small business. Our expertise in strategy, business growth, operations and the capital market helps businesses achieve their objectives and take their company to the next level.

KLG Consultants help organizations create sustainability and growth by designing solutions for your staffing, business development, and strategic planning needs.  Also, we can help with onboarding and integrating executive, management, and sales teams during times of organizational change.

Please review the websites as referred to above and let us know how we might help you or one of your clients or affiliates.