Ocme Aims to Consolidate Packaging Process With New System

DryBlock system is a new way to design and manage the whole packaging end of line. It combines the entire dry part of a production line into a single, integrated and synchronized Monoblock. DryBlock is born to meet recurring needs that come from the consumer goods industries:

• Reduction of energy consumption by up to 36%, almost cancelling the compressed air requirements. • Cost reduction: a single operator manages the entire end of the line thanks to a number of innovative features inside the single machines and the whole system.

• Levels of flexibility without precedent: the format changes are automated and made quickly, for a wide range of bottles or containers, even har to handle bottles with shaped forms and light materials.

• Space reduction: in a space of only 35×14 meters, a complete end of line, from the labeler to palletiser, thanks to DryBlock technology. • Increase in efficiency: the overall efficiency of a line with DryBlock system is greater than the sum of the efficiency of the individual units. Ergonomics and safety: ethics is not an option DryBlock expresses the attention of OCME for the quality of the work environment and respect for the highest standards of safety. Some important measures have been adopted in crucial points such as: Ergonomics maximized thanks to: • shorter distances.

• simplification of the label change.

• Automatic labels splicer.

• external and integrated reel holder, ergonomic and easy to reach.

• Integrated handle applicator, placed outside the machine.

• One operator panel.

• Automatic film splicer. Maximum safety standards with CE compliance. Reduced noise thanks to the reduction of components and accumulation. More care for the products.

An important part of the DryBlock logic is the rationalization of the product flow. This has led to the elimination of accumulation, with the benefit of reducing friction and contact between containers. This reduces the risk of damage to the product, even when running ultralight, fragile, delicate or unstable containers. A modular logic DryBlock is designed to be a modular system so that it can be adapted to the needs of numerous industrial sectors. The various modules can include a labeler (or a sleever), a packaging machine (shrink-wrapper, tray-former, wrap-around, pick & place, combi, etc..) and a palletising module that typically consists of a layer formation unit (manipulators) and one or more robots – or alternatively traditional palletisers. Easy to implement Solutions based on the DryBlock system come as a “turn-key” process, in order to simplify and speed up the start-up at the customer premises, with obvious practical and economic advantages. Scalability One great advantage of the DryBlock logic is the option to defer the investment by purchasing different components at different times. In this case, each module is designed to integrate and “dialogue” with the DryBlock control center. This actually makes DryBlock “scalable”; in fact, it can grow along with the needs and potential of the company.

• 3 different events were organized at the same time to introduce DryBlock 1) DryBlock at Drinktec exhibition 2013 To enable as many customers as possible to have a contact with the revolutionary technology of the system DryBlock we have organized in Drinktec, Munich, a permanent video link with the headquarters in Parma in order to allow interaction between the audience at the exhibition and our technicians. There will be numerous connections during the day and thanks to cameras positioned at key points of the system, it will be possible to interact with the system in operation. In this way, details of the operation and management of products will be highlighted with high clarity.

Visit us at Drinktec 2013 at stand 502, hall B5. 2) PARMA – OPEN HOUSE to see live DryBlock System Anyone worldwide can easily visit us at our headquarters in Parma to see the system in operation live. Our workshop will be open to visitors: a week before Drinktec and our technicians will be available to our customers until a week later. FromSeptember 9th to 27th. In addition, a shuttle will be available to customers for travel from Munich to Parma. Thus they will be able to meet our area manager at the exhibition and visit us at our headquarters to see DryBlock in action, thanks to a shuttle transfer, organized by OCME 3) Direct web streaming You can access the demonstrations shown during Drinktec 2013 directly from your PC via web streaming.