StarOne Group Launches Drop-Top Dispensing Closure Technology for Beverage Bottles

The Drop-Top is a revolutionary technology that provides total solutions for packaging a vast array of sensitive products that are unstable in solutions.

The Drop-Top invention is a newly patented revolutionary container closure with a delivery system that features an internal multi-cavity design that can store up to three separate accurate doses of ingredients. Liquids, powders, gases, granules or tablets can be stored completely separate from air and liquid, and delivered right before consumption or use. It has been developed to increase the shelf life of many products that are not stable in oxygen or aqueous solutions.

The Drop-Top technology allows for the storage of highly sensitive products that cannot have any contact with the environment and need to be kept completely separate from other ingredients by sealing them until the closure is activated.

Applications include:

  • Beverages: water, sports drinks, fortified beverages, beer, spirits, wine, dairy and other convenience drinks.
  • Food: baby formula, salad dressings, sauces and many other types of condiments.
  • Personal Care: hair colouring, cosmetics, sensitive treatments for the skin, hair and body that are used in the beauty industry.
  • Pharmaceutical: aspirin, vitamins, vaccines, cytotoxic medicines and other products to deliver zero operator error under sterile conditions.
  • Chemical: products that cannot be mixed together until the time of use including two-part resins, glues which activate with catalysts, agricultural including pesticides, fluids cleaning acids, household detergents, and automotive oils.

The Drop-Top Dispensing closure invention has been designed and developed by the StarOne Group and is protected by patents in over 40 countries and technology licenses are available now in the five different separate categories, Beverage, Food, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, therefore if you produce products which require such dispensing technology to be utilized or are a producer of packaging, this opportunity exists to grow your company in a new dimension. For more information please visit