Bell Flavors Announces Top Flavor Trends for 2014

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Bell Flavors & Fragrances is excited to announce our annual selections for top trends & flavors for 2014. The worldwide marketing teams have complied five trends with supporting flavors that will help developers understand consumer demands when launching products in the year to come.

Bell’s worldwide marketing teams researched the top consumer macro trends, tracked our sample requests throughout 2013, visited numerous restaurants and stores, and sourced our external databases to learn about menu trends, product launches, and consumer preferences, to deliver the hot trends and flavors for 2014.

A lot of the macro trends we saw in 2013 will be continuing into 2014. Allergen concerns will continue to increase and innovative solutions will be developed.  Cooking sauces like red miso, oyster, soy, peanut and fish sauces will be reformulated to offer allergen free versions. We’ve also noticed that the gluten free craze isn’t slowing down and flavors will play an important role in the development of these products as consumers demand high quality, great tasting flavors.

Diet crazes come and go, but healthy lifestyles are here to stay! This can be seen in products that are putting a healthy spin on familiar flavors. We’re also seeing a whole new generation of superfruits, such as our featured flavor, aronia berry, popping up in grocery stores nationwide.

Latin America and Asia have proven to be popular sources of new ethnic flavors. High profile events like the World Cup and Olympics will peak interest in Brazilian and South American culture and cuisine. 2014 will also continue to bring the heat as consumers explore new ways to add a kick to their meals.

For detailed information on each trend and descriptions of the flavors profiled please contact Kelli Heinz at or (847) 291 – 8357