Draco Natural Products And TRU Aseptics Form Draco-Tru Ingredients

DracoLogo175New products will possess unique “whole fruit and vegetable” properties along with highly desirable aseptic packaging benefits

SAN JOSE, Calif. and CHICAGO, June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Draco Natural Products, Inc. and TRU Aseptics, LLC today announced the formation of Draco-Tru Ingredients (“DTI”). DTI will manufacture, market and distribute aseptically packaged fruit and vegetable Concentrates, extracts and Purees to serve the food and beverage ingredient markets. DTI’s products will possess unique “whole fruit and vegetable” properties along with highly desirable Aseptic packaging benefits including extended shelf life, no refrigerated storage and added food safety.

Draco will contribute manufacturing technology and infrastructure, an extensive sourcing and R&D platform, as well as advanced extraction and processing expertise. DTI will leverage Draco’s patented extraction and manufacturing technologies, including Phytoconcentrate™, Supercritical, Fermentation and Full Spectrum™ processes. TRU will provide patented aseptic technologies, sales, strategic account management, marketing and infrastructure services along with deep food and beverage ingredient category expertise. DTI will leverage this complementary expertise to maximize new product offerings and marketing and manufacturing synergies.

Draco’s CEO, Jerry Wu, commented, “This partnership positions Draco for growth in the attractive food ingredient segment. We are planning to provide an entirely new offering of advanced ingredients using state-of-the-art processing technologies. These technologies will produce superior organoleptic, functional and nutritional properties not available in the market today.”

TRU Aseptics Partner, James Hurley, commented, “DTI will provide our clients with significant cost savings, added food safety and highly improved quality over current frozen and acidified concentrates and purees.”

Scott Eckman, TRU Aseptics Partner, added, “With our joint strength, technological expertise and shared vision, DTI will be a highly focused ingredient business.”

About Draco Natural Products

Since 1995, Draco Natural Products has been a world leader in the supply of exceptional quality botanical extract ingredients for the nutritional supplements, functional foods, OTC, and personal care markets. Its products include over 400 herbal extract ingredients from single species sources, a full line of pre-formulated formulations, a full line of premium liquid herbal extracts, and a full range of fruit and vegetable extracts. Learn more at http://www.draconatural.com.

About TRU Aseptics

TRU Aseptics specializes in advanced aseptic processing and supply chain solutions, with significant expertise in advanced food ingredients and aseptic technologies. Learn more at http://www.truaseptics.com.