Nutegrity Offers Water-Soluble Omega-3 Emulsion for Liquid Applications

nutegrityIRVINE, Calif. — Nutegrity™ has partnered with Oceans Omega LLC to add an aqueous omega-3 EPA/DHA delivery system to its extensive line of omega-3 ingredients for dietary supplement, food and beverage applications. Oceans Omega’s patented technology creates a highly purified translucent emulsion, which is taste neutral, virtually odorless, shelf-stable, and can be utilized to fortify clear beverages, beverage enhancers, gels, liquid supplements and gelatin-based products.

“Through our partnership with Oceans Omega, we are able to offer our clients an ingredient solution for the delivery of omega-3s in products such as enhanced waters or liquid nutritional shots,” noted Terry Olson, President, Nutegrity. “Nutegrity’s food and beverage customers can now utilize this highly innovative, robust and proprietary omega-3 ingredient in product applications previously not possible.”

The water-soluble omega-3 emulsion, commercialized as OTEC™ 250CL-K, has been designed to seamlessly integrate into most common beverage manufacturing techniques including hot-fill, pasteurization, cold-fill and carbonation. The emulsion integrates Nutegrity’s line of vertically integrated fish-oils, which are sourced from sustainable fisheries. OTEC™ 250CL-K has GRAS status and is Kosher certified.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Nutegrity, which itself has a rich history in omega-3 ingredient innovation, to expand the availability of our omega-3 emulsions,” stated Dr. Volker Berl, CEO, Oceans Omega. “Our emulsions help satisfy the growing demand for omega-3 fatty acids in the daily diet of average consumers, especially of children and the aging population. Through our patented delivery system, consumer goods companies can now achieve non-refrigerated, shelf-stable food and beverage products fortified with omega-3 fatty acids.”

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Nutegrity™ represents the combined expertise of Cyvex Nutrition (botanicals and fish oils), Wisconsin Specialty Protein (dairy ingredients) and InCon Processing (molecular distillation), all subsidiaries of Omega Protein Corporation. Nutegrity’s mission is to provide pure, sustainable human nutrition products from land and sea sources that support healthy living including: a wide range of dairy and plant protein products; specialty dairy ingredients; marine-based omega-3s/EFAs; and botanically sourced ingredients. By using a vertically integrated supply chain to control purity from source to finished product, Nutegrity is able to consistently produce quality ingredients with proven health benefits for dietary supplement, functional food and beverage applications. Nutegrity operates with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, striving to be a responsible steward of natural resources at every level of operation.  For more news and information on Nutegrity’s human nutrition offerings, please visit


Oceans Omega LLC, a Mycell Technologies company, is a leading supplier of water‐soluble omega‐3 EPA and DHA ingredients for the fortification of food and beverage products. Oceans Omega’s unique patented stabilization technology enables consumer goods companies to create novel, shelf‐stable, tasty products such as clear beverages, gelatins, gels, liquid nutritional shots, and add‐to‐water concentrates, to expand their product offerings. Additionally, Oceans Omega offers custom formulation services and expert technical support for successful product development and production. Oceans Omega’s corporate offices are located in Montvale, New Jersey. For more information visit