Samson Functional Beverages Launches Bot-O-Cap

Samson Functional Beverages knows every retail product must solve a problem for a customer in order to be relevant. This is why Bot-O-CapTM is defining what it means to be relevant in today’s beverage marketplace, by solving multiple customer and socially conscious problems simultaneously. The company sells a universal plastic bottle sports cap complete with a self-sustaining flavor reservoir. The Bot-O-Cap fits on almost any standard water and or sparkling water bottle. Flavors and ingredients are stored inside the reservoir allowing any bottle of water (or other beverage) to be instantly flavored upon implementation.

“We wanted to create a product that did more than quench thirst. Those products already exist. We considered the environment, third world countries, and the business landscape in America. That’s when we decided to create the Bot-O-CapTM a product that can cater to all these needs,” said Al Samson. “The bottle cap is one hundred percent recyclable and uses less plastic than other beverage products. It is simple to use and great for schools, gyms and sports teams and athletes seeking unique branding opportunities.”

Bot-O-CapTM allows fortified products to be stored in its reservoirs, perfect for third world countries fighting malnutrition issues. “Non-profit organizations can ship fortified products stored in the Bot-O-CapsTM. The sponsoring brand is acknowledged and both money and the environment are saved. The fortified nutrition product isn’t wasted, only being used once activated,” finished Samson.

Bot-O-CapTM can renovate any ordinary water bottle into an extraordinary refreshment, Teas, juices, vitamins and other premix nutritional supplements can be housed in the cap’s reservoir. To use, simply remove the original bottle cap and attach the Bot-O-CapTM Sports Cap. By simply pushing the blue sports cap, the Bot-O- CapTM releases the flavor concentrate stored in the reservoir into the water.

Bot-O-CapTM is great for companies seeking to distribute their own branded beverages. The liquid products and the caps can be customized based on flavor preference and/or logo needs. Bot-O-CapTM delivers unique formulation options to help enhance products, such as providing Kosher and/or all natural and organic ingredients. Additionally, all the Bot-O-CapTM liquid flavor products are nutritionally cognizant, containing no calories, no sugar, no carbohydrates and the products arrive in individually sealed hygienic bags and or in customized retail cardboard box

Members of the media are invited to request sample products from Samson Functional for review. Al Samson is available to speak with the press about the product itself and the solutions it offers to consumers, on the environment, and for people suffering from nutrition challenges across the world.


Bot-O-CapTM outlasts many premixed drinks that may lose their strength and potency over time.

The fresh active ingredients stored in the Bot-O-CapTM reservoir are released and mixed only when a consumer activates and release them, so beverages are enjoyed at maximum potency. Bot-O-CapTM is an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious product. From providing nutrition products for non-profit organizations to branded functional beverages perfect for the active lifestyle, Bot-O-CapTM is capable of providing customized drink and package products for an array of businesses, individuals and organizations.