Precision Distribution Consulting Announces Patented System and Method to Change Product Delivery

(YORK, PA) April 20, 2016—Precision Distribution Consulting, Inc. (PDC), an independent consulting firm specializing in customized sales and delivery strategies and engineered solutions for warehouse design, announces an industry changing innovation for beverage direct store delivery (DSD).

PDC’s Manuverate™ system is the first vehicle-based delivery system that brings the goods to the person. This patented design overcomes the ergonomic and capacity limitations of traditional side-bay and rear-end load delivery vehicles.

“Cost-effective sales and delivery greatly affect the beverage DSD distributor business model,” said Greg Ellis, president, PDC. “With many factors impacting the distributors — growing portfolios, rising delivery costs, pricing pressure, CDL driver availability and tighter delivery windows — our team invested time developing an innovative, uncompromising solution that addresses the most critical industry challenges and needs. It’s the only solution that balances capacity and ergonomics.”


While past and current delivery vehicle solutions incorporate minimal mechanical design changes, most have had limited impact or compromised other performance factors. Some distributors transitioned customer deliveries from side-bay to rear-end load vehicles, often with new delivery platforms such as mini-pallets or carts. While these solutions reduce many of the ergonomic issues associated with side-bay delivery, capacity limitations exist.

“Not all beverage customers can accommodate rear-end load trucks at many delivery locations. Lift gates, required to lower pallets to grade level, increase operational costs and create more safety concerns,” Ellis said. “Our detailed analysis, observations, experience and understanding of the people who do the work drove our design thinking.” With PDC’s Manuverate™ system, there is no climbing, reaching or digging for the product. Instead, the multi-axis delivery mechanism brings the product to the person. “The system delivers 100 percent of the product to the forward most position at the optimal waist level,” Ellis added.

PDC’s Manuverate™ system’s current design provides both vertical and horizontal product movement, addressing ergonomic, capacity, accessibility and productivity concerns that have remained unresolved through previous approaches.

“The improved ergonomic design will reduce insurance claims, enhance driver safety, and greatly reduce delivery stop time. The cost benefits of this new solution are empirically compelling,” said Ned Bauhof, vice president, PDC. “With improved capacity, distributors can maximize “on-truck” space and use fewer delivery trucks, offering ‘green’ benefits by reducing emissions. Our solution is a game-changing technology for product and package delivery.”

The Manuverate™ system will be on display at the BevCap Best Practice Workshop taking place April 25-27 in Austin, Texas. To learn more or to schedule a prototype demonstration of PDC’s patented delivery method using the Manuverate™ system, call Greg Ellis at 717-495-7518 or

In 2013, Precision Distribution Consulting, Inc. received a patent for an Ergonomically Improved Delivery Vehicle and Method. PDC’s design is embodied in its branded Manuverate™ system. Precision Distribution Consulting (PDC) is an independent consulting firm specializing in the design of customized, engineered solutions for our clients’ warehouse and distribution infrastructure in support of their long-term supply chain strategy. Using the most modern analytical and engineering tools, PDC provides its clients with definitive, empirically driven solutions to execute day-to-day business at the lowest possible logistics cost, based on business demands now and in the future.

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