SPINS Partners With Demeter USA to Bolster Biodynamic Product Certification


Chicago – September 7, 2016 – SPINS® proudly announces Biodynamic® certification as the newest attribute to appear in its SATORI™ reporting and analytics tool. The partnership with Demeter USA®, the only certification agency for Biodynamic products in the U.S., enables manufacturer and retailer partners to engage with this growing movement toward healthy and sustainable means of production across a multitude of product categories.

Biodynamic methods are a comprehensive form of organic farming geared toward healing the planet through regenerative agriculture. The result is healthy ecosystems and high quality products in the marketplace.

“Biodynamic production has strong roots in other markets, including in Europe where Demeter is one of the most highly recognized brands among consumers. We look forward to bringing this unique attribute to our partners and helping to foster the growth of Biodynamic in the U.S.,” said SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “The partnership is a natural fit for SPINS’ mission to build a healthier, more vibrant America.”

“SPINS holds a unique position in this industry, and we’re thrilled to partner and connect with leading natural and organic brands to develop top quality Biodynamic products, which in turn supports the growth of Biodynamic farming,” added Demeter USA’s Elizabeth Candelario, managing director and head of strategic marketing and business development. “Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet, and its people, through agriculture.”

To learn more about Biodynamic principles, products, and opportunity at the forefront of the natural and specialty products industries, register to join SPINS and Demeter USA for a webinar on this exclusive partnership on Tuesday, September 13 at 11 a.m. CST.


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