Gizmo Beverages, Inc. Showcases Vessl Device at Japan Pack Show

Tokyo, Japan (October 3, 2017) — Gizmo Beverages, Inc. attended the Japan Pack International Packaging Machinery Show from October 3 through October 6 with D.I. Engineering Corporation, in booth 1A-09. DIEC is working with Gizmo Beverages, Inc. to bring the exciting Vessl technology and its proprietary gassing & filling equipment to Japan. DIEC has been providing state-of-the-art equipment to meet Japanese customers’ specific needs since it was established in 1980.  DIEC has a long history of bringing exciting technologies to market.

Gizmo Beverages, Inc. will showcase its Vessl Closure, a patented, pressurized closure and delivery device that provides instant mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use. Upon opening the Vessl closure, the Vessl automatically propels and instantly mixes the active ingredients (vitamins, flavors, gasses, serums, etc.) into the base container, providing an exciting visual display and confirmation of product activation. More information about the Vessl Closure can be found at

At the show, attendees will be able to meet Founder, Chairman and CEO, Walter Apodaca to discuss potential applications of Vessl to their products.

“Our mission is deeply rooted in our quest to break the disposable bottle paradigm.  By storing active content in the Vessl pressurized chamber, we are able to provide revolutionary solutions for our customers across many product ranges including beverage, food, nutraceuticals, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, household chemical and much more,” stated Apodaca. Vessl can be customized to fit a wide array of base containers composed of plastic, PET, glass, aluminum, and many other materials.

The Vessl proof of concept brand, ‘Tea of a Kind’, can be seen at The all-natural flavors, real brewed tea, and powerful antioxidants of ‘Tea of a Kind’ are tucked safely away in the nitrogen pressurized and oxygen depleted Vessl closure.  Vessl protects the freshly brewed tea against the damaging impact of UV light, oxidation and other conditions that degrade flavor, color, aroma and antioxidants in other bottled, ready-to-drink teas.  A simple twist of the Vessl closure instantly mixes the content in the bottle and provides strong visual confirmation that the fresh-brewed tea has been activated and is ready to refresh.

Other Vessl applications include: a nutraceutical product using a dishwasher-safe reusable bottle that is currently distributed in 32 countries world-wide; a customizable topical skin-care “pod” solution due for global launch in early 2018; and a reusable 4pk of ‘Tea of a Kind’ due for release in summer 2017.

Contact Karin Gerlach, Director of Marketing for Vessl, at 1 (859) 462-1820 or for further information.