Catalina Introduces Product Accelerator

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Catalina, the global leader in shopper intelligence and personalized engagement, today announced Catalina New Product Accelerator, the industry’s only solution that gives brands the ability to predict, track and accelerate sales performance across a scaled network of national retailers.

Debuted at the Food Marketing Institute’s Midwinter Executive Conference, Catalina’s New Product Accelerator increases the success rate of new product launches with an end-to-end solution combining real-time forecasts of new product sales potential, real-time reporting of actual sales results, and the ability to efficiently target and activate shoppers with omni-channel media to accelerate sales performance.

Catalina developed this solution to give brands unmatched pre-and post-launch performance insights and control over shopper engagement to drive sales, knowing that an estimated 85 percent of new product launches fail within the first year.

Based on the analysis of over 15,000 previous new product launch campaigns, Catalina New Product Accelerator provides marketers instant visibility to understand buyer profiles and view the behaviors that are driving sales, track distribution and consumption, predict full-year performance results, and enable the activation of course-correcting media to ignite sales with the right shoppers.

“During the first three to six months of a launch, marketers are flying blind when it comes to meaningful insights into how new products are performing. They have no way to make smart, data-driven decisions that can improve results. Our New Product Accelerator is a brand’s best asset in increasing new product launch success by providing actionable intelligence from day one,” said Jennifer Burke, President, Established Brands for Catalina.

“Studies show that only 2 percent of new products achieve sales of more than $50 million in year one,” Burke added. “The Catalina New Product Accelerator leverages our shopper intelligence, scaled real-time data, and optimized media activation to fundamentally change the way brands address the challenges of launching new products.”

Working with New Product Accelerator, brands benefit from Catalina’s proprietary algorithms to predict and precisely target marketing campaigns to drive trial and awareness with the right consumers. It then executes their campaigns as product distribution expands to new stores within Catalina’s nationwide retail network and database of 505 million shopper IDs nationwide.