Imbibe and Ball Corporation to Bring Widget Inside Can Technology to Market

NILES, Ill. — Imbibe, an industry-leading beverage development company, and Ball Corp., an award-winning beverage can supplier, are excited to announce a partnership intended to leverage Ball’s Widget Inside can technology and increase development of innovative, nitrogen-infused beverages.

Ball developed the proprietary Widget Inside aluminum beverage can that gives consumers the best nitro-draft experience in an on-the-go format. Imbibe is utilizing Ball’s technology to create innovative products that benefit from the unique functional, textural, and taste characteristics it offers. The two companies are using this collaboration to help bring new ideas and products to their customers.

“The widget continues to grow as craft beer and coffee take full advantage of the effects of the controlled nitrogen release in the can provided by the widget technology,” said Melanie Virreira, Marketing Director for Ball Corporation. “Now, with the partnership with Imbibe, we can start innovating around formulations that transform into new-to-world beverage drinking experiences.”

“We’re excited to develop products that introduce the next generation of nitro-infused beverages to brands, and ultimately to consumers” added Imbibe Chief Commercial Officer Andy Dratt. “Nitrogen-infusions add complexity to a product without adding calories, which is especially appealing to health-conscious consumers.”

Nitrogen-infused beverages have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years, especially in the cold brew coffee category, which grew 172% year-over-year during the first half of 2017. Imbibe and Ball expect the popularity of nitrogen-infused products to expand into other categories, including tea, protein water, juice and more.

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About Imbibe

Imbibe is a beverage development company focused on the formulation, customization and commercialization of cutting-edge beverage products. We act as a bolt-on R&D function for companies that don’t have one or an extension of the R&D team for those who do. Through this activity, we design custom ingredient systems that drive differentiation for products in all beverage categories.