H2 Beverages Develops Cold Brew Technology

PLANO, Texas– H2 Beverages, Inc. announced that it has developed breakthrough technology to cold-brew coffee in as little as 15 minutes. Coffee that is cold-brewed utilizing H2Bev’s proprietary technology maintains all of the benefits of coffee that is cold-brewed over longer periods, traditionally anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

“Our cold-brewed coffee tastes great – smoother, richer and less acidic.  This technology also works for cold-brewed teas,” declares Kurt Ruppman, Sr., H2Bev’s CEO.

H2Bev will shortly begin production of a line of private-label cold-brewed coffees and teas for a well-known customer, and other brand owners and customers are expressing strong interest in the technology.  “Our technology will save considerable labor and equipment hours, and the resulting product tastes less bitter,” claims Ruppman. H2Bev will employ the technology in its Plano facility for other private label customers, as well, and will consider licensing the technology to selected third parties.

This is H2Bev’s second breakthrough technology in as many years.  After four years of development, H2Bev debuted early last year a process for infusing molecular hydrogen into water and other beverages in concentrations and with shelf-lives previously unseen and still unmatched with hydrogen levels above 5ppm.

Clinical studies have shown that molecular hydrogen has myriad health benefits.  H2Bev’s standard ppm level product lineup of molecular hydrogen-infused beverages features three flavors:  Lemon-Lime+Vitamins, Beet-Power and Water+Vitamins.

“We had a customer who asked us to make a hydrogen-infused cold-brewed coffee, and we started asking ourselves why it needed to take upwards of a full day to cold-brew the coffee – and then we set to work to do it better.  Today we can make a great-tasting cold-brewed coffee in a fraction of the time it takes anyone else,” says Ruppman.

H2Bev expects the innovations to continue. “We have had considerable interest in CBD-infused beverages, and in the coming weeks we will be introducing a hydrogen-infused sports drink in versions with and without CBD. Our cold-brewed coffees and teas will also be available with CBD,” explains Ruppman. “If customer inquiries are any indication, the addition of alcohol to our cold-brewed products may be our next step in product development.” 

About H2Bev

H2Beverages, Inc. is a beverage manufacturer based in Plano, Texas.  The company employs proprietary technologies, including its hydrogen-infusion and cold-brewing technologies, to produce beverages for its own H2Bev brand and for private label customers.