ESI Nutrition Announces Production Capacity Increase and New Bottle Options

ESI Nutrition – the nutrition division of dairy cooperative Laïta – is proud to announce that, after two years of planning, construction, and initial set up, its new production line located in Ploudaniel’s facility is now fully operational and just ran its first commercial production on April 28.

The decision to invest in this new line dedicated to complex nutritional products was made in 2018 in response to the ever-more demanding quality standards set for infant and clinical nutrition products, which are the primary markets targeted by these new offerings.

The newly installed equipment consists of a sterilization module followed by aseptic filling and complete with a secondary packaging unit. Beyond enhancing its production capacity and providing state-of-the-art quality control, with this investment, ESI Nutrition also wanted to expand the range of formats available to its customers and released two new bottle sizes: 70ml and 90ml. Smaller than the existing options, these new bottles are compact and perfect for ESI Nutrition’s flagship product, “nourettes”, which are liquid infant formula prepackaged in ready-to-use baby bottles with a dedicated screw top and adapted teat, handed out in maternity wards. They are ergonomically designed for easier handling and translucent to keep track of how much has been consumed.

“Seeing the first market-ready bottles coming out of the line was a big milestone for the company and we are really excited about the addition of these new options to our range. Not only will it open up opportunities for our customers in the infant nutrition market, but it could also benefit sports nutrition brands and even be a great match for highly concentrated clinical nutrition formulas. Regardless of the application, our team of experts is here to provide our customers unparalleled support throughout the process, from navigating the regulatory landscape and creating a formula that meets their specific needs to getting their brand on the packaging,” said Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at ESI Nutrition. “The fact that our facility is GACC[1]-approved to supply products for export to China is also a big asset that will allow us to develop our reach in the area by providing nutritionally-adapted solutions that best support infant’s growth and development,” he adds.

ESI Nutrition offers nutrition brands a complete range of shelf-stable, ready-to-market products with a focus on infant formulas, clinical nutrition, and healthy aging as well as sports nutrition and active lifestyle. In addition to bottles, the company also supplies small ready-to-drink cartons and individual plastic cups.

If you are interested in our new bottle options or wish to learn more about ESI Nutrition’ range of products for infant nutrition and beyond, feel free to reach out to us virtually until we can all meet in person again at Vitafoods this September.

About ESI Nutrition

Belonging to the French company Laïta, ESI Nutrition specializes in the development, industrialization and manufacturing of ready-to-market high-end nutritional products for its clients in the B to B sector. Thanks to cutting-edge industrial tools, ESI Nutrition can manufacture very specific products, in both powder and liquid forms for all nutrition markets. Combining a deep knowledge of dairy processing and 30+ years of experience in health and nutrition markets, ESI Nutrition offers individualized support to their customers; giving them access to a dedicated team of experts continuously working on developing solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each of them.

About Laïta

Mother company Laïta is one of the top 10 dairy cooperatives in Europe and oversees the entire milk collection process from local dairy farms, all located in Western France. No farm is more than 100 kilometers (≈ 62 miles) away from the plant that processes their milk, therefore ensuring the highest levels of traceability. Thanks to this tight control over the entire value chain, from field to fork, ESI Nutrition can provide its customers with the highest quality, most natural and safest ingredients possible. In turn, customers can offer a diversified, responsible and healthy nutrition that end-consumers can fully trust.

As a sign of their ongoing commitment to product excellence, sustainability and corporate responsibility, ESI Nutrition is now implementing new corporate initiative: ‘Passion du Lait®’ (Passion for Milk).

Laïta key figures:

  • 2,750 milk producers
  • 1.5 billion liters (≈ 400 million gallons) of milk processed annually
  • 1.2 billion € in revenue
  • Customers in over 110 countries
  • 100 000 MT (≈ 220.5 million lbs) dairy ingredients produced / year
  • 4 high-performance industrial facilities specialized in drying, extrusion, membrane separation, fermentation and dry-blending
  • 1 high-performance industrial facility specialized in aseptic filling for ready-to-feed products
  • 2 applications labs + 2 pilot plants

[1] GACC – General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China

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