The Flow: Hansen nudges Coke on Peace Tea; CSPI labeling call


  • Hansen Beverage Company is in discussions with The Coca-Cola Co. Inc. and some of its main bottlers to get Peace Tea into the Coke distribution system in a matter of weeks, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Link
  • The Center for Science in the Public Interest sent a report to the FDA asking for stricter food and beverage labeling standards. According to the non-profit, “Many major companies, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Kraft, General Mills and Nestlé, continue to confuse or defraud consumers about the health effects, ingredients, or ‘natural’-ness of their products.” Link
  • The Food Channel assembled a retrospective on the last decade’s food trends, with some that applied to beverages. Superfruits, oils and coffees and teas made the top ten overall food trends; Mint, green tea, hibiscus, blueberry, ginger, cranberry and pomegranate made the decade’s top-10 flavors; and organic ranked as the top food influence of the decade.


  • H 10 O Beverage, LLC has appointed Steiner Foods of New Rochelle, N.Y. as its primary distributor for the Tri-State Area. Link


  • A trustee in charge of liquidating Xyience Inc. is suing Zyen LLC, which took over Xyience in 2008, and wants the court to seize the energy-drink company on behalf of investors who bought into the brand before the bankruptcy. Link


  • Mississippi State Rep. John Mayo, (D-Clarksdale) proposed a distribution-level tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Link


  • Red Bull revisited its “New Year, No Limits” production, this year sending Travis Pastrana on a record-breaking rally car jump. Link Red Bull also held a smaller event in Boston, “Red Bull Sled Style,” where extreme winter athletes performed stunts on snowmobiles. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. is one of six advertisers on board for a new music downloading service,, which allows users to download songs in exchange for watching a 15-30 second commercial. Its creator described the service as “iTunes meets Hulu.” Link
  • BeBevCo and Potencia USA llc announced the two companies have entered into an agreement through which all future sales and marketing for Potencia will be done through BeBevCo.
  • Gatorade is attempting to broaden the approval of G2 by featuring a wider array of athletes in new ads that aim to highlight the drink’s low-calorie status. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co. Inc.‘s team of “happiness ambassadors” kicked off its year-long global adventure known as Expedition 206 by ringing in the New Year in Madrid, Spain. Link
  • Florida International University has reached an agreement with the Pepsi Bottling Group that will make Pepsi the university’s official beverage. Link
  • Capitalizing, perhaps, on PepsiCo‘s decision to not air commercials during this year’s Super Bowl, Dr Pepper Snapple Group plans to air its first-ever Dr Pepper Super Bowl commercial. Link Also, PepsiCo Inc.’s decision to bench its beverage brands during the Super Bowl in favor of online media may be a good bet, reports Marketing Daily. Link


  • The Wall Street Journal published an article surveying recent studies on the positive and negative health effects of coffee. Link
  • More big consumer packaged goods companies have been suing each other recently because the economy has raised the stakes on market-share battles — and because court filings come with free publicity — according to two writers at Advertising Age. Link
  • Research on the link between sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain has yielded mixed results, researchers note in a new report. Link
  • The low-cost and better-targeted advantages of online media do not automatically translate into greater profits, according to a new MIT Sloan study. Link


  • As an add-on to a story examining the relaxation beverage trend, the Los Angeles Times health blog took a look at the herbs present in some of the category’s emerging brands. Link
  • Lopez Negrete Communications boosted Dr Pepper’s U.S. Hispanic sales 9.5 percent by creating a hit song LaLaLaLife/Vida23, music video and traveling Dr Pepper club experience, Advertising Age reports. Link
  • Fox Business published an interview with Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman, focusing on how his startup attracted the attention of The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. Link


  • New Leaf Brands, Inc. announced that it has signed a consulting agreement with Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Consulting Group. Cascadia Consulting Group will assist New Leaf Brands with the company’s strategy development, execution, and continued distribution expansion.


  • Triumbari introduced a sleek 1 L Cylinder to its “Cylinder” line of packaging products. Link


  • A joint venture between a Saudi Arabian dairy company and PepsiCo Inc. announced it acquired Egypt’s Beyti, maker of dairy and juice products. Link


  • CytoSport Inc. announced that Muscle Milk has earned certification from NSF International’s Athletic Banned Substances Certification program. The NSF Certified for Sport program is designed to reduce the risk that a dietary or sports supplement contains banned substances. Link
  • The Discovery Channel’s named bot water, Guayaki Lemon Elation and Honest Tea’s Kombucha as the best new beverages of 2010. Link
  • Sweet Leaf Tea Company, has moved its office to Penn Field, a retired United States Army airfield intended for pilot training during World War I, to house its growing operations.


  • BeBevCo announced that Daisy Ramirez, former vice president of BeBevCo, has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer.
  • Ball Corporation announced Michael L. Hranicka as its president of metal beverage packaging, Americas. Hranicka joined Ball in 2005 as vice president, sales and marketing for Ball’s metal food packaging business. In 2007 he became senior vice president, sales and marketing for Ball’s expanded metal food and household packaging products division, Americas. Link


  • The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex board in Alabama rejected an $800,000 naming and pouring rights proposal from Birmingham’s Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Link
  • In another small knock on PepsiCo‘s 2009 branding and advertising efforts, Gamespot named the brand’s presence in “Bionic Comando” as the most irritating in-game advertising of the year. The game featured too many Pepsi machines, the site’s editors wrote, and their pristine condition looked “ridiculous” in the otherwise-postapocalyptic landscape. Link
  • In another example of the kind of promotion you can’t buy, an Olympic-medal winning BMX bike racer recently celebrated his wedding by toasting his bride with Monster Energy Drink. Link
  • A user by the name of Heesa Phadie at assembled an impressively detailed flowchart to help you choose a soft drink. Link