The Flow: New space for kids bevs; BevNET Live, 10 seats left


  • From Beverage Spectrum Magazine: New Space For Kids’ Brands – Shifts in schools offer opportunities and challenges. Link
  • Review: Gatorade G Series Pro– Originally developed for pro athletes, G Series Pro delivers a blend of fuel, fluids and nutrition elite athletes need before, during, and after training. Link
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group plans to drive volume and gain market share this summer through a combination of promotions, high-profile advertisements and tie-ins with reality television, Reuters reported. Link
  • BevNET Live: Fewer than 10 seats remain. Register now! Link


  • MESTRENGTH, Inc. introduced Hydration and Strength stick packs in Chapel Hill, N.C. and South Miami Beach, Fla. The zero-calorie sports drink mixes come in Orange, Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch, Grape and Strawberry-Kiwi flavors. Link
  • Axle Energy Drink introduced the Axle Energy Keg in 5.5 and 7.75 gallon sizes.
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group announced plans to reformulate 7UP and launch new advertising around the drink. The company also launched the "Celebrity Apprentice"-inspired teas created by Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete. Link


  • Neuro Beverages announced distribution partnerships with SPIKE Beverage for the state of Arizona and Admiral Beverage for the state of New Mexico.
  • Snow Beverages announced new distribution agreements with Northeast Beverages in Providence and Newport, R.I., Rogo Distributors in Hartford, Conn., and Saratoga Eagle in Albany and Saratoga, N.Y. Link
  • DNA Beverage Corporation announced a distribution agreement with Double Eagle Distributing, covering the Broward and South Palm Beach region of Florida. Link


  • Nestle Juicy Juice announced its fourth junior soccer tournament, Copita Mundial Juicy Juice 2010. Link
  • Camp Motorsport and NESTLÉ Chilled Beverages announced that NESQUIK and JUICY JUICE have become the Official Beverages of Camp Motorsport. Link
  • Odwalla doubled planned donations to its Plant-a-Tree program and expanded the programs's coverage to include all 50 states. Link
  • Neuro Drinks hosted a yacht party at Cannes film festival.
  • Mtn Dew has taken a new step in its crowd-sourced marketing initiatives by asking for feedback on making media buys, MarketingDaily reported. Link


  • Pregnant women who consume the daily caffeine equivalent of six cups of coffee have smaller babies than those who consume less caffeine, according to a new study. Link
  • Drinking fewer sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure, according to findings published in the journal Circulation. Researchers at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center found that overweight people with high blood pressure who drank one less sugary beverage per day significantly lowered their blood pressure over 18 months. Link


  • Mountain Dew has put its fans in charge of the DEWmocracy 2 road tour, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Link
  • After six years of trying, Duane Sudderth has finally gotten the rights to distribute Ale-8-One in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Link
  • Industry officials are considering a referendum in Washington state to repeal a three-year-old excise tax on carbonated beverages of two cents on every 12 ounces, reported the Wall Street Journal. Link
  • Cash-strapped lawmakers in cities and states across the country have proposed taxes on sports drinks, teas and soda, reported the Associated Press. Link
  • In Peter H. Gleick's new book, "Bottled & Sold," the scientist and freshwater expert chronicles how modern society has abondoned water fountains in favor of bottled water, a financially and environmentally costly alternative, the Washington Post reported. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc.’s 14-member board of directors is one of the oldest among its peers: large companies, beverage companies and Atlanta-area corporations, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Link
  • A recent decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to ban all sugary sodas, drinks and candies in vending machines has some school districts, as well as vending companies, wondering how much of a financial impact the decision will have, reported the Topeka Capital-Journal. Link
  • Time writer Charlie Duerr wrote recently that coconut water helped his hangover more than other remedies he had tried before. Link
  • Anti-Obesity advocate MeMe Roth appeared on Fox Business and referred to the $10 million donation offered to Philadelphia to head off its proposed beverage tax as a "bribe." Link


  • More than 300 manufacturing workers at a Dr Pepper Snapple Group plant in Williamson, N.Y., went on strike, according to union representatives. Link


  • New York City trends firm PSFK visited The Coca-Cola Co., Inc.'s "kolab" in China, where the company creates products for that country's market. Link


  • Dr Pepper released a new commercial featuring NFL legends Michael Strahan and Donovan McNabb. Link
  • A photo project from Men's Health magazine juxtaposed sugary beverages with foods that contain the equivalent amount of sugar. Link
  • School officials who confused a bottle of Naked Juice for an energy drink barred an 11-year-old student from entering a dance due to the school's anti-energy drink policy. She was later allowed to attend after speaking with the principal and clarifying just what kind of drink she had brought. Link
  • Internet weirdos and accidental Diet Coke promoters Eepybird created a Coke Zero and Mentos rocket car. Link