The Flow: Soda Wars Over; What’s “Next” for Pepsi?; VIA Roast


  • New iteration of 'Soda Wars' over as Simon Cowell chooses Pepsi over Coke. Link
  • There are indications that Pepsi is test-marketing a new 60-calorie cola, "Pepsi Next." Link
  • Starbucks plans to launch its VIA Ready Brew French Roast in all of its stores across the US and Canada beginning 4 January 2011. Link


  • Purple Stuff is now available to retailers and consumers in a 12-pack box.
  • Thomas Kemper Soda has introduced new Naturally Diet Soda, which is sweetened with stevia and boasts zero calories, zero sugar and zero net carbs. Link


  • Thirsty Pig Distribution brings relaxation beverage Superliminal Purple Stuff to Central Florida. Link
  • Hensley Beverage Co. is expanding in the Southern Arizona market with a new office and warehouse on Tucson's southeast side. Link
  • ZUN has announced an agreement with the Iowa-based Casey’s General Stores to sell both ZUN Original and ZUN LITE 12 oz. in their Midwest store locations. Link


  • The Alliance for a Healthier Vermont supports a tax increase on sugar sweetened drinks, according to The National Association of Convenience Stores. Link


  • The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK?, has teamed up with fitness author and celebrity instructor Kimberly Fowler. Link


  • Celsius announced today that its common stock and warrants are now being quoted on the OTC Market. Link


  • Fona International has developed the first smartphone app for the flavor industry. Link
  • Fusion Nutraceuticals has developed a new zero-calorie sweetener intended to imitate the taste and functionality of sugar with nearly ten times fewer calories. Link
  • Senomyx announced today that it has entered into a agreement with Kraft Foods, regarding the development of certain flavor modulators for potential use in the gum and medicated confectionery product categories. Link


  • Evian has announced the UK launch of a lighter rPET eco bottle. Link


  • Charles Daniels, beverage industry leader, dies at 83. Link
  • Aaron Enrico is leaving private equity firm CIC Partners, a key investor in Adina Beverages. According to Aaron Enrico, who is leaving the Adina Board of Directors, CIC will remain as an investor and Roger Enrico and Mike Rawlings of CIC will continue to serve on the board.