by Aloha, Inc.

Review: Aloha Goes RTD

Posted: Apr 09, 2019 at 5:22 PM (Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 at 10:57 AM)

Covers Products: Chocolate Sea Salt - Organic Protein Drink, Coconut - Organic Protein Drink, Vanilla - Organic Protein Drink

Aloha is a company that has, until now, built its brand selling plant-based protein bars and powders. At Expo West 2019 they officially made the jump into the ready-to-drink game with this product, Aloha Organic Protein Drink.

Launching with three flavors, including Chocolate Sea Salt, Vanilla, and Coconut, the products feature 18 g of protein, MCT oil, prebiotic fiber, and only 5 g of sugar. Each formulation has a base that includes coconut milk, apea and brown rice-based protein blend, coconut water, coconut sugar, and monk fruit.

When it comes to taste, these products are all quite drinkable and enjoyable. There’s some noticeable but mild monk fruit flavor and a light coconut flavor across all three (and even more in the Coconut variety). As with most protein drink lines, we found the Chocolate variety to be the best tasting of the bunch. But the Coconut and Vanilla are still very worthy offerings.

The product is packaged in an 11 oz Sig carton with a resealable cap, which is a fine format and size for a protein drink.

For the design, Aloha has a busy but well organized label. The front panel requires your eye to jump around a bit, but the important callouts (protein, sugar, USDA organic, plant-based, flavor) are hard to miss.

However, some of these callouts, such as the large “0 artificial ingredients” when there are already two callouts that the product is organic, seem a bit redundant and could probably be removed. To that end, simplifying the front panel and tightening up the arrangement of the elements certainly wouldn’t hurt.

In the end, Aloha’s protein line is a nice and timely extension for the brand that delivers enjoyable flavor and a nice set of nutritional benefits in a pretty mainstream looking format. It seems like it has all the right stuff to compete with the other products in this rapidly evolving category.

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