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Review: Aprch CBD Sparkling Water

Posted: Jun 09, 2020 at 2:48 PM (Last Updated: Jun 10, 2020 at 11:25 AM)
Aprch CBD Sparkling Water

Covers Products: Mint + Cucumber , Lemon + Lime, Watermelon

Aprch (pronounced “approach”) is a line of CBD-enhanced flavored sparkling waters. The zero calorie line is launching with three flavors, including Watermelon, Mint + Cucumber and Lemon + Lime.

Each 12 ounce can contains 30 mg of broad spectrum hemp, 10 mg of active CBD and zero THC. Otherwise, the product contains added L-theanine, ascorbic acid and monk fruit.

When it comes to flavor, we’d describe all three of the products as light, dry and crisp in finish. The added fruit flavors are very mild and despite the use of monk fruit, there isn’t any noticeable sweetness. These products drink very much like unsweetened flavored sparkling waters and neither the monk fruit or the CBD get in the way.

For our palates, Mint + Cucumber was the standout of the three, as it’s the most unique and complex. It’s definitely the flavor that would bring us back to Aprch. Watermelon is a close second, while Lemon + Lime, which is a category staple, is a totally fine flavor but not as interesting as the other two. 

One thing that we question is the use of monk fruit. While we’re sure that it is doing something for the drink’s flavor, it’s not adding sweetness and will be a turnoff to some consumers. We wonder if they can possibly remove it from the formulation and use another ingredient to achieve the desired flavor.

On the outside, the products are packaged in a stock 12 ounce can that uses a shrink sleeve label and a matte finish. The label itself has an aesthetic that we’d describe as slightly technical looking but still approachable. 

This starts with the logo, which is “aprch” followed by two forward slashes. It looks like a logo for a tech company, and the thought is only furthered when seeing “CBD Sparkling Water” in letters towards the lower half of the can. The flavor name is in the center of the can in small but readable letters while callouts for “0 sugar” and “0 calories” sit to the right. The final design element is a repeating band of “Sparkling Water” and the flavor name that runs around the top of the can.

Our constructive feedback on this product is largely the same that we have for many CBD enhanced flavored sparkling water beverages. Specifically, we feel that the heavy promotion of CBD makes this product risk being viewed as a commodity rather than a brand. Aside from making the “CBD Sparkling Water” callout smaller, we think that having some sort of tagline might be helpful to spur consumer engagement.

Overall, Aprch’s first effort is a pretty solid one and, with some refinement, we think there’s good potential for the brand.

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