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Review: Asarasi Pure Water Harvested From Trees

Posted: Jun 29, 2018 at 7:22 AM (Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018 at 10:34 AM)

Covers Products: Organic Sparkling Lemon, Organic Sparkling Lime, Organic Sparkling Water, Organic Sparkling Cherry Lime

Asarasi is a USDA Organic certified line of zero-calorie and unsweetened sparkling water beverages that uses a unique source for its water: maple trees.

Available in four varieties, including Organic Sparkling Lime, Organic Sparkling Cherry Lime, Organic Sparkling Lemon, and Organic Sparkling Water, Asarasi uses “tree-filtered water” that is a byproduct of maple syrup production. The product is then packaged in a 12 oz. longneck clear glass bottle.

According to Asarasi, their approach creates a water that is free of all impurities. More importantly, having this plant-based origin has allowed the brand to become the first water to be USDA Organic certified.

So how does water that comes from a maple tree taste? We’ve obviously had products marketed as maple water, but, unlike those products, this one doesn’t have any of the natural sugar left in it. That said, the water itself has a pretty neutral flavor. However, it’s probably helped, at least to some extent, by being in a glass rather than a plastic bottle.

As for the flavored varieties, we think they’ve done a pretty nice job of executing classic sparkling water flavors that will appeal to a broad audience. The Lemon and Lime flavors are spot on -- both have an accurate flavor profile and are clean and crisp at the finish. On the other hand, the Cherry Lime has a strong candylike nose to it. We’d love to see this one dialed down a bit.

Asarasi’s packaging and branding is probably what needs the most work. First and foremost, we find the name a bit cumbersome and we think that it is a bad sign when there’s a callout on the label to aid pronunciation. Furthermore, the design of the label, which has a big blob of text at the bottom, isn’t quite where it needs to be.

Then again, this feedback skirts around our biggest issue with this product: the use of a glass soda bottle. This is something that we think will put this product at a competitive disadvantage in terms of where it can live in the store, its use occasion, and how consumers perceive it. That said, Asarasi should consider other package formats, be a plastic bottle or can, which would put it more directly in line with the rest of the category, or another glass bottle (if they want to stay with a more premium look).

Overall, we definitely think that Asarasi has a nice point of differentiation, but we think that a few changes to the product would go a long way.

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