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Review: Black Medicine Lavender Latte

Posted: Oct 02, 2018 at 9:38 AM (Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 at 10:22 AM)

Covers Products: Lavender Latte

Black Medicine’s Lavender Latte is the latest flavor from this line of ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffee. Announced in August, Black Medicine is adding this variety to complement their existing Iced Coffee, Mocha, and Latte SKUs.

Now you might be reading this wondering why someone would flavor a ready to drink coffee with lavender. Don't worry-- we had that same reaction when we first saw this product come across our desk. Lavender and coffee are definitely not two flavors that naturally go together. For Black Medicine, the idea is to leverage an herb that is, according to the company, increasingly used as an ingredient in food and beverages. So, we tried to keep an open mind before we tasted the product.

Fortunately, it actually tastes quite good. The lavender is mellow to the point where you might not immediately identify it if you didn't see it listed as an ingredient on the can. It adds a somewhat ambiguous floral and spice note, but otherwise this product is very much like their Latte offering. The base of coffee is, as is the case with all of Black Medicine’s offerings, bold and smooth, while the body is milky and sweet. At the drink’s finish, you can definitely tell that there's something extra in this product, but again, the lavender flavor and aroma is quite light and balanced.

Nutritionally, each 9.5 oz. can has 150 calories, 7 grams of fat, 15 grams of sugar (including 5 grams added sugars). Each can has 185 mg of caffeine, which is on par with other products in the category.

The design of the can also looks the part of the rest of the Black Medicine lineup in terms of its overall layout. There is a lavender accent color to denote the Lavender flavor, which is pretty intuitive. But back to our original point, we feel as though it’s going to be somewhat challenging to get consumers to pick this flavor up instead of one of their other offerings that utilize tried and true coffee flavors. To that end, we wonder if a different approach to the naming -- one that isn’t so matter of fact -- might help this product pull better.

In the end, we appreciate both the innovative approach and the execution of Black Medicine Lavender Latte. However, given its unique flavor, we feel as though the brand will need to do a bit more to strengthen the product’s appeal.

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