Cor de Coco Lattes

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Review: Cor De Coco Lattes Miss the Mark

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 at 3:29 PM (Last Updated: Oct 06, 2016 at 10:02 AM)

Covers Products: Coconut Double Shot Espresso, Coconut Mochachinno, Coconut Vanilla Latte

Imported from Vietnam, Cor de Coco is a three-flavor line of coconut-based ready to drink cold brew coffee drinks.

Right off the bat, one of the issues with Cor de Coco is that they’ve failed to properly translate this product for the American market. There are some smaller items, such as saying “kakao” instead of cacao and “cold extracted” instead of cold brew, but there are also big items such as misspelling one of their flavor names “Mochacinno” (which should be “Mochaccino” with a second C). Their inability to deliver clean copy undermines the perception that this is a quality product. Not to mention that if the brand ever did get traction in the U.S., the lawyers for a certain large coffee company will quickly have issues with the “Double Shot” variety.

Unfortunately, what’s inside the bottle really falls flat in its own right. All three of the flavors have a burnt taste, although we’re not sure if that’s from the coffee or the coconut products. Furthermore, they are really heavy on the coconut flavor, but not in a good way -- it’s just out of balance. Lastly, these products are really sweet (18.2 g of sugars per bottle), which seems slightly at odds with both the coconut water and cold brew coffee categories. The flavor lineup, an unflavored, a vanilla, and a mocha, sounds good on paper, but their execution of the trio leaves little difference between the three. Dialing up the flavorings and reducing the sweetness and coconut might help.

Package design is not their forte, either. The logo for Cor de Coco, with its tagline of “All Natural Goodness,” has some potential, but it’s drowned out by the rest of the panel and your eye quickly jumps past it. The small “Dairy Free” badge could be made larger as this is one of the brand’s key selling points. And communicating the selling points, benefits, and points of differentiation is really missing right now.

We’re also left wondering what market need this brand is really trying to serve. The days of mashing coconut water and a secondary flavor or ingredient are behind us, as are the days of seeking something that drinks like a straight Frappuccino replacement. That leaves the cold brew space, but this seems too far off, especially with the burnt flavor.

All in all, that leaves us with this thought: whatever Cor de Coco is after, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the right product set to do it with. We’re sorry to say that, but we just don’t see this as a platform that is going to go very far in the U.S. market.

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