Review: A|dash Functional Cold Brew

Posted: Oct 25, 2021 at 11:38 AM (Last Updated: Oct 26, 2021 at 10:31 AM)
A|dash Functional Cold Brew

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A|dash is a brand of cold brew coffee infused “with just A|dash of adaptogens” that is marketed as a functional beverage that offers “balance” as the core function mentioned on the label. The product line currently contains a single eponymous SKU packaged in an 8 ounce can.

The drink itself is made with water, organic coffee extract, ashwagandha root extract, natural flavors, caffeine (165 mg) from green coffee beans, and monk fruit extract. The end result is a shelf stable  product that has 10 calories and 0 g of sugar per can.

A|dash tastes very much like a coffee drink — at least at first. However, as you continue to consume the product there’s somewhat noticeable notes of what appears to be the herbal additive and the monk fruit. While we would not describe this as an off note, it is something that’s a little different than your standard ready to drink cold brew coffee. There also isn’t really much in the way of sweetness in the drink, which begs the question of why add the monk fruit at all.

If we’re being completely honest, we feel like the flavor needs a little bit more or to help balance out this functional note. This could perhaps come in the form of a bit more sweetness or something else to help cut the taste of the functional ingredients – or it could be additional SKUs that perhaps give the consumer other options within the A|dash line. 

As for the packaging, A|dash feels very heavily skewed towards being a functional beverage first and foremost and a coffee brand second. The can has a label with blue at the top and a dotted pattern with a tan background along the low half while a bit of metallic ink cutting through the middle of the two. The A|dash logo sits at the top while words “cold brew coffee infused” is in the center of the can. However, it definitely plays second fiddle to the larger “ADAPTOGENS” that sits directly beneath it. 

Continuing down the front panel, there’s an icon for “Balance” and a four line list of callouts for some of the key attributes, including the ashwagandha, caffeine content, “100% natural,” and low calories/no sugar. Finally the lower third of the can is dedicated to the logo for matriarch beverage company.

While we think that they’ve done a good job of calling out the product’s functional benefits, we think that they need to dedicate a bit more of the label copy to selling this product as a coffee drink. 

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