For Grown Ass People

by For Grown Ass People

Review: “For Grown Ass People” Cold Brew

Posted: May 05, 2017 at 2:42 PM (Last Updated: May 08, 2017 at 10:17 AM)

Covers Products: Equinox Blend- 24 Hour Steep

For Grown Ass People is a single SKU line of ready to drink cold brew coffee that’s made using a 24-hour steeping process.

The product that we sampled, which uses the company’s “Equinox Blend,” is a small batch product with a relatively short shelf life (about 30 days, from what we can tell). The flavor is good, with the bold and smooth flavor that we’ve come to expect from any good cold brew coffee. And we like the notes of chocolate and tart fruit that are a part of this particular blend.

While the liquid itself is enjoyable, there isn’t really a meaningful differentiation between this product’s liquid and other well brewed small batch cold brews that we’ve sampled. This is, as it is for many of these companies, the biggest problem that the brand faces.

As to branding, there’s clearly an effort to create some differentiation by having edgy copy. But for us, “For Grown Ass People” is a statement that could be used for any cold brew -- who else is drinking the stuff? More importantly, it sounds like a tagline (or something that should appear on a t-shirt) as opposed to an actual brand.

This feeling is only reinforced in the packaging. Using a 12 oz. plastic bottle, which does have the benefits of portability and re-sealability, has a very sloppy look. Both this appearance and the name undermine the credibility and appeal of the product. It honestly would be pretty hard to pick this product against its competition.

In the end, we unfortunately feel as though For Grown Ass People really needs to rethink their approach and improve the execution of what they do. The current offering simply doesn’t have enough to stand out or compete in the cold-brew category.

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