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by Gloe

Review: Gloe Sparkling

Posted: May 29, 2018 at 9:11 AM (Last Updated: May 29, 2018 at 5:30 PM)

Covers Products: Blood Orange, Fuji Apple Pear, Lemon

The Gloe brand is something that has to date been used exclusively to market the Aloe Gloe line of still aloe beverages, but recently the company has expanded it into sparkling beverages. They’ve also stepped beyond aloe, with Gloe standing alone for its first time.

For many brands that try to expand or pivot from their original purpose, this doesn’t always work out smoothly. However, Gloe is intuitive (perhaps even more intuitive) in this singular form. While there’s still an Aloe flavor of Gloe (with Fuji Apple and Pear), it has been joined by Turmeric Gloe (with Blood Orange) and Ginger Gloe (with Lemon).

The three flavors are packaged in slim 12 oz. cans and contain only 5 calories per can. They are lightly sweetened with erythritol, stevia, and a touch of apple juice. As a result, these products are a slight step up from a traditional sparkling water or seltzer in terms of where they fit on the sparkling water spectrum.

Fortunately, all three of the products taste quite good and have minimal sweetener aftertaste. For each of the three flavors, the added fruit flavor is generally what you taste. This starts with the Aloe variety, which has a pleasant apple and pear flavor. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing. Next up is Turmeric Gloe, which has a subtle citrus tang followed by some mild turmeric spice. Finally, there’s Ginger Gloe with Lemon. This variety, which was definitely our favorite of the trio, drinks like a much lighter sibling of a ginger ale and features a lemon finish.

The design of the package features a white label with an accent color specific to each flavor. The Gloe brand is front and center and easy to read, while placement of “sparkling” and the USDA Organic seal catch the eye quickly. Each flavor has graphics to go with the flavor (e.g. an image of a lemon and a ginger root on the Ginger variety), which certainly appeal to the senses.

The only thing that is slightly lost on us is the tagline “plant infused sparkling water beverage” placed front and center alongside the Gloe logo. This is a wordy way to say that this is a flavored sparkling water -- and we’re not quite sure how using the word “plant” helps. If nothing else, we’d suggest moving this to a place that’s a little less conspicuous.

Finally, there’s the product positioning. As mentioned earlier, this product is a bit more full bodied than a traditional flavored sparkling water. Given that it has sweetness to it, it might be something that pulls consumers from diet CSDs or the likes of Sparkling ICE as opposed to from brands like LaCroix. With most of the new brands focusing on the latter, this seems like a fine approach for Gloe as one of its points of differentiation.

Overall, Gloe’s move into sparkling and evolution into flavors beyond aloe seems like a move that will expand the potential for the brand. Plus, they’ve done a really nice job creating flavors that feel like they’ll have some legs.

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