GT’s Dream Catcher

by GT's Kombucha/Millennium Products, Inc.

Review: GT's Dream Catcher with CBD

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 at 3:29 PM (Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 at 4:11 PM)

Covers Products: Ginger Lemongrass, Blood Rose, Cucumber Basil, Orange Elderflower

First announced at BevNET Live Winter 2018, GT’s Dream Catcher is a “sparkling wellness water” that has been enhanced with 25 mg of CBD.

The line is available in four flavors including Cucumber Basil, Orange Elderflower, Ginger Lemongrass and Blood Rose. In addition to CBD, the products have 75 mg of caffeine (from organic coffee berry extract), apple cider vinegar (2.8 g per bottle), and added vitamins. What you won’t find are calories, carbohydrates, or any added sweeteners.

As for the flavor of these products, they are light, crisp, refreshing, and well-executed across the board. They drink very much like a sparkling water, but with fresher and more vibrant flavors than you’ll find in most mainstream brands.

A great example of this (and our favorite flavor) is Ginger Lemongrass, which has both fresh-pressed ginger juice and lemongrass juice. Along with the apple cider vinegar, this gives the product a really fresh and accurate flavor profile. They’ve also added a touch of cayenne pepper, which offers a nice contrast to the lemon and ginger flavors.

While Ginger Lemongrass is the only variety that contains juice, the other products use flavor extracts. This is generally a good sign of what’s to come; these products hit the nail on the head in terms of both their balance and pairing of flavors. Speaking strictly from a taste perspective, these products are some of the better tasting flavored sparkling waters out there right now.

When you consider the addition of CBD and caffeine with the fact that this product is not shelf stable, it is apparent that Dream Catcher is not your typical sparkling water. The use of CBD will certainly give it some buzz as it comes to market, while the 75 mg of caffeine will definitely pack some punch.

Dream Water is packaged is an attractively designed 10 oz. blue glass bottle that feels like a miniature version of its kombucha products. The core color that’s used on all of the labels is a metallic silver, which provides a nice visual contrast from the dark blue of the backdrop. From there, each flavor gets its own accent color, which, along with the concise amount of textused on the front lower portion of the label, makes these products pretty intuitive.

If there’s any challenge for this product’s packaging, it’s simply that it exists in the shadow of its very successful sibling, GT’s Kombucha. So, we think there’s the potential -- at least in the short term -- for consumers to think that this is a kombucha drink. That said, we like the label of  “sparkling wellness water,” which is -- short of saying “this is not kombucha” -- a pretty clean way of trying to set the stage for the product.

Overall, we’re big fans of GT’s Dream Catcher. It’s a timely functional beverage that extends the GT’s brand into two new categories (sparkling water and CBD) with top notch execution and flavors that are really enjoyable.

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